Ban spots in exile

How true it is that if you build in the great dam, in the sewer, or in the temple of the panthers can you be banned?

I will ask @CodeMage to come here and explain you what POI means. It surely has nothing to do with locations only. But not before take some time to read these posts, they help a lot.


There’s currently a journey step that you cannot achieve without discovering every marker on the map. If you build something that blocks access to one of those markers so that other players can’t “discover” it and have it added to their map, then you’re blocking content and that’s against the official server rules.

Bear in mind that I have never seen someone from Funcom explicitly write a confirmation of that on the forums, so you might still cling to the hope that it’s “just my interpretation” of the rules. Whether you want to bet your access to official servers on that hope or not is your own choice to make :slight_smile:


Yesterday we joined a clan of a fellow on Siptah pve-c server after I visited his. Main base figured it must be undmesh we logged in later and deleted our characters don’t want to be banned . It was a hatch door going under ground don’t really know what under mesh is but a good idea it’s this.

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The point is when you get in his base did you notice cave walls or you were witnessing the void from windows (white empty landscape, like living in a cloud ). Because there are caves that has a small opening on their roof and can be camouflaged.
As far as i can tell @erjoh is master on this. This is not undermase!

What? I haven’t a clue what you mean.

Oh and I have to mourn another El location that has been spotted. God rest its soul. It lasted 3 years but was found by a 10 person locust clan that came in the. I’m assuming they did the foundation sweeping since it wasn’t visible.

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