Banned for hacks, and cannot provide proof

so my whole clan was un perma banned, funcom said it was a mistake yet i am still permabanned for hacking, i want proof, this is bs

this is completely unfair, no proof of me hacking, no evidence nothing

It’s hard for anyone here (even if they were inclined) to comment on your situation, all we really have to go on is what you are saying. If you were not cheating then , yeah it sucks, I know I would not like it to happen to me (either being ‘hacked’ or banned for it)

It sounds to me that perhaps someone in your clan was caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, when that happens, the whole clan becomes responsible, including you.

There isn’t much anyone can do for you here, you would be better served contacting the Zendesk people, they may able to do something.

Though if you are expecting a trial with proof etc… I think you are going to be disappointed.

Sorry man.

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we know why we were banned, some kids we were pvping said they were going to report us because they could, we all got perma banned, now all my mates have been unpermabnned and im the only one still perma… why? there is no proof of me cheating, because i never cheated ^hacked^

and last time i made some noise people got stuff done, this is unfair

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Hi @TheJammie

Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk if you would like to appeal this ban.
You can read more about how to submit an appeal here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures