Banned for invalid crom Coins


Well after years of playing. Countless hours…
I get the You have been banned from official servers because of Crom coins.
I havent even purchased any. Only used what I earned from age 2’s battle pass. 1200 coins.
And I just bought a Xbox series X just to enjoy playing more.


Contact support to review your account and clear your ban.

If you haven’t purchased any, you shouldn’t have any.
The free component of the Battle Pass does not include any CC.
To “earn” CC from the Battle Pass, you must first invest that number of CC.

Yeah that doesn’t make any sense.


You need to open a ticket, that much is clear.

I bought the 1200 originally in Age 1.
I also own the game outright. Just use battlepass for pc.

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Well the ban, regardless of its reason, is not going to go away on its own. Start a ticket.

Lets hope its a mistake and goes away quick.

I started a ticket right away.
Just upset that Im probably going lose 3 servers of builds. 4 years of grinding as a solo player.
Sorry. Im just sharing my frustration.

Well now I am curious.

How does one get banned for Crom Coins?

I mean, worst case scenario - what could a player possibly do to get that kind of ban?

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Greetings Exile,

Please submit a ticket to the Help center and select “in-game purchase” so the Funcom team can investigate what’s happening in your account.

Have a great day!