Barbarian edition

good The barbarian edition, how do I get rid of the saddle, and where do I see the title? why it says immediate delivery …
thankss for your timee

Hey there! Unfortunately, I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by “saddle” and “title”?
Once you buy the Barbarian Edition, you need to claim it! :slight_smile: You can claim it here:

he’s refering to Ark where you get a staddle and glasses lol

Is there an estimated time when the T-Shirts will be sent?

Not a solid estimated time unfortunately. It can vary depending on where the shirt is being sent to. :slight_smile: They’re sent out in batches as well so they are sometimes not sent out immediately after claiming the Barbarian Edition. If you are unsure if your shirt was claimed properly or you want to know if it was shipped, feel free to DM me!

thanks for the info, I bought the edition like 4 weeks ago, I am patient that’s not the issue, just wanted to know if you have a specific date, other than that thanks for the quick response! keep that support up

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