Barbarian Edition T-shirt

Is there any way to still get the t-shirt? I didn’t learn about the ‘claim conanexiles com’ until recently, and now it doesn’t seem to ask for my address.

Hey there,

There isn’t. The shirts aren’t a part of the Barbarian Edition anymore (haven’t been for a few months) and you can’t claim them.

That I understand, but I purchased it in August 2017, and never got any information about how to claim. I just thought it was sent to my address in Paypal, but never got any information and forgot about it…


same here.


So no way to get it then?

Unfortunately not. Any T-shirt that wasn’t claimed once the webpage was removed cannot be claimed anymore.

how do we claim our stuff when there was no way to get the information out?

There were a lot of issues with delivery, which i think might be related to why they stopped. I had issues getting it and really, i think its a good thing they stopped with the t-shirt since it wasn’t working out well. It just frustrated people etc. I think it was a good decision for Funcom to stop sending the shirts.

I enjoy mine quite a lot, for tees I wear a more European Fit, so I ordered a Large. I do know there were several people at Steam (when we were solely there) who were willing to sell their shirts because they miscalculated the sizing when they ordered. The shirt is worth tracking down. :tshirt:

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