I ordered the Barbarian Edition but haven't received my shirt

The Barbarian Edition provides a number of claimable items, both digital and physical. The digital items can be claimed immediately by going to https://claim.conanexiles.com/, where you’ll need to log in with your Steam credentials. This page is also where the shipping information required for the t-shirt is entered. The shirts often takes a while to ship and be delivered and can take around four months.

If you’re concerned about a delay in receiving your shirt then please make sure you have entered your information correctly on the claims page. Most of the requests we receive are the result of not entering this information correctly or not completing the confirmation of the information entered. You can also open an email ticket at help.funcom.com to request information about your shirt’s status. Please be sure to include the shipping information you entered in your email ticket for faster handling, and a support representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.