Still no t shirt

Stl have not received my t shirt it’s been more than 6 months. They stole my money. They not responding to any emails or any complaints. I want to take further action against this company as they r stealing people’s money now. :angry::angry::angry::angry:

what t-shirt :thinking:

When u purchas the barbarian addition of Conan exiles it is ment to include a t shirt that gets shipped to u I got my confirmation email 6months again when I purchased and I am STILL waiting for the t shirt that was included the only reason I bought the upgraded edition

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@Ignasi are you able to assist here?

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Good luck with that. I had the same problem. They definitely aren’t on top of things when it comes to customer support. Can’t get your merchandise and can’t get a finished, polished, non-bug infested game for your money.
I’m not trying to be mean, just speaking the truth.

Did u eventually get ur t shirt? I have posted on Twitter, Facebook, bad review on steam, filed a complaint on steam also against the company, filed numerous reports here and even Instagram contacted them and not 1 reply from the devs on any social media platform. I am really angry at this bad service the barberi edition contains crap that is useless downladable comics items for the online age of Conan I don’t even play that it contained nothing for the exile game that I used to play and they promised a t shirt which still no info it’s really a bad company

After several months and a lot of complaining in emails, it came…and was the wrong size. I understand your anger, but in all honesty, you’re not missing much. The graphic on the t-shirt was disturbingly rudimentary. Surprising considering the art quality of the game. I’m an art hobbyist and have drawn far better pictures than are on that shirt. Needless to say, I tossed it. I wasn’t about to deal with the headache of trying to get the right size after seeing the design on it.

This would be more of a contact customer support? If not try messaging @Ignasi as he’s very friendly and helpful. I am very sure he would help you and solve the issue.

I saw the design and needless to say yea it kinda is garbage no offense. But end of the day I did pay for it so by right I should have it. I’m just personally tired of game companies taking our money and not delivering what was promised thus y I am so angry because we work hard to afford these things so at least deliver the items as promised. It’s like u order a salad at the restaurant pay for it but don’t even get the salad.

Trust me I have tried and not 1 person from customer support responded so now I’m posting here and social media to at least try get their attention to the matter. I waited 1 month from customer support and I got no response so now I’m resorting to the lesser friendly way

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I totally agree with you and have had posts of mine saying so scrubbed from these very forums. A while back, they banned me from their Facebook page. Funcom really doesn’t like to hear that they aren’t doing a good job even if it’s true.
The only reason I still haunt these forums is, for some reason, I’m still holding out hope that they polish the game up into something that looks and plays like a finished game. Everyone else that I embarrassingly talked into getting the game in early access no longer play it.

That’s true I got 3 of my buddies to also purchase the game 1 also got this rediculous barberic edition and also hasn’t received his shirt either :joy::joy::joy:. And not 1 of us even play it to this day. As long as they get money they don’t care about customer satisfaction or service. I hope what happened to the tell game series ends up happening here no offense but they do not deserve the support we r giving them.


Hey RanibowSparkel,

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your T-shirt yet. They have usually been sent out in batches, meaning it might take a while for it to arrive, but it shouldn’t take more than 6 months.

When did you buy the Barbarian Edition? We discontinued the T-shirts from this edition a little while ago so I need to establish if you bough the Barbarian Edition before or after we discontinued them.

Did you also go through the claim process on I’m asking just to be 100% sure that you went through all the necessary steps.

As u can see I bought in October and I did get the email saying I would get the t shirt…

And I did go threw the process of verifying my account my t shirt size and also my address for delivery

Thank you very much. I’m going to DM you so we can continue the conversation there.

Well good luck. Get one for me too just want 1 didn’t but the edition you did. Lol :face_with_monocle:

:joy: :joy: :joy: I need to also tell my friend to complain here so he can also get his shirt

Or he could DM Ignasis, using the same procedure as above.

I own the Barbarian Edition, bought in August of 2017, took about six weeks to get the shirt via US Post. It looks great. Back then people in Steam complained because Funcom sourced better style, sizing/higher quality shirts, and therefore they run a little small for some folks. If for whatever reason it doesn’t fit or work for you, I’m sure a few people here would trade for it.

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