Still no shirt.... Such a bad company

Sooo I posted over month ago about not receiving the shirt they messaged me asking for size and location and guess what still absolutely nothing!!! Most useless dev and product I’m so sick of this bad company I demand money back for the compensation of purchasing this barberic edition of Conan and not receiving products.!

If I remember correctly, you got an answer from a community manager back then. You could follow up with them in private to clarify this personal issue. Meanwhile, you can msg me your paypal + proof that you are regularly playing the game and I will send you 10 eur to buy a new t-shirt so that you can finally relax unless of course you are just looking for a reason to charge back a game that you have no fun playing anymore :slight_smile:

Jens is out of the office until 27th but surely he will reply to you as soon as he is back.


i am litrelly playing the game all the time i have all the dlc also for the game, i purchaed the baberic edition i got my firends to also buy the edition and play with me, i have followed up a month ago and they promised the shipment its been almost 8 months now this is my paypal account i am just really so tired of waiting when i purchaes the item already october 2018 i got the confirmation email to approve my address and still no one bother to contact me to say anything about y i havent recieved the product

I feel you my man I never got my T either. I will settle for a working game though.

We would certainly be more than happy to send you a shirt if you did not get one. I will poke Jens about your message!
@Sairdontis Feel free to message me and I can work with ya.

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Sucks you didn’t get your shirt yet…

But I had to laugh when you say your literally playing the game all the time, and have 62 hours in 9 months. Sorry, but that’s funny.


I thought they stopped offering the T-Shirt quite some time ago (like last summer)? I don’t remember the specific date, but that’s probably why no shirt was sent.

well yes but i bought the edition b4 they stopped that offer the email i got stated i will get it i got the confirmation email to put in my address for the tshirt offer so yes i should get it becasue my email said i will get it b4 they removed the offer i got it last year october already

im on off with games i have got all the expansions anyways which is profe im supporting the game so either way i deserve to get what i paid for am i not right?

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and as per the site This has been discontinued as of March 7, 2019 and was replaced by the [Deluxe Edition]. so there for i should still get it considering i ordered in 2018

gm T-shirts have usually been sent out in batches, meaning it might take a while for it to arrive, but it should not take more than 6 months. If you bought a T-shirt before the service was discontinued and can prove it with screenshots of the confirmation e-mail, you are still eligible to have a t-shirt sent to you. You may need to provide additional details for this to happen as per ur site gm

@RanibowSparkel I get it…


Oh absolutely, I agree 100% with you. You bought it, you should get the shirt.

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hope you get your shirt… but it doesn’t make them a (very) bad company… things like this happen when deals are removed from shops and you buy/receive last minute… good of you to reach out though… get this error fixed while it is still fairly recent

to be fair i contacted them over a month ago they asked for my address and shipment detials and then never got back to me again… so that is also an issue with the company lack of communication i got a friend of mine to also purchase the barberic editon and guess what he also has NOT recieved his shirt so its the communication factor from the company that makes them bad i contacted them on instagram twitter fb and no response they could at least have the decency to email people inform then what is going on apologize for delays and so forth. if ur flight gets cancelled and u rock up at the airport because they didnt tell u it was canceled its similar concept u get refunded if ur flight is canceled or put on a new flight so same concept either get refund for the shirt or offered something else

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and still no answer from anyone and people ask y i say its a bad company becasue look how pathetic they r to get back to their customers

Hey Ranibow!

That’s on me for not being diligent enough with following up on the DM. I apologize for that and will answer you right away :slight_smile:


Gonna keep this post open until it’s solved so I will post a comment every 4th day to follow still

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Still following for item

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25 days later and still waiting… :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: Really so pissed off at the company