Barbarian Hybrid spec

How do these hybrid specs look like? I see some barbs use Reversed Swing and the Zerker buffs while mainly using dual wield combos. I tried some things out but in the end I always had the feeling it was far superior to a full Reaver spec.
I don’t have the T5 rune, maybe that’s the problem? But if so, the other barbs I saw didn’t have that rune either… I haven’t seen their overall DPS in a parser but it seems kinda suspicious that they all were using these specs :smiley:

I tried around with something like this:
however, I saw some of these barbs use Decapitation too… but is it really worth it to switch Overpower with Decap? Sure, Decap can do higher damage but it got a 1 minute cooldown whereas Overpower only has 10 sec and can still crit for ~3k damage.

Anyone has advices on how to build such a spec?

I was using this before rune too .If you go zerker you go for thirst for blood,there is no point to going for reaver end lines besides overpower.Also you are not using wreck armors besides keeping the torment up and even then it’s not your priority if other classes are actively doing it.

That being said your aoe will drop vs your reaver aoe potential.

Perks : Upheaval ,Without warning Or boneshatter /Determination( on fights you might lose stacks only)

Keybind your weapon switch ability if you haven’t,you will need it.

Combos : Your main combo is stilll dual wield upheaval ,build your rotation around it and plan the buffs for its finisher.Use last two ranks of staggering blow to keep reverse swing buff up ,dw upheaval and jagged cut rank 2/boneshatter between them ,fill gaps with stunning punch and decapitation and always use overpower.On certain fights you can also use the 2h upheaval for the dot and it also hits decently itself.Clobber 5 as filler and for the wrack debuff/refresh if needed.If you ever need another filler combo another rank of staggering blow or butcher 7 should do.

I would recommend running upheaval and without warning for most of the content ,Bone shatter really becomes a thing after rune or for aoe encounters.

As said this build won’t excel in aoe but it can parse good single target while buffing your group.

PS : Seems i am not allowed to use links yet ,or pm you ,so try sending me a message and see if i can reply there .

Hybrid specs using mainly 1h combo, well “mainly” is about half, it’s using upheaval and 1h boneshatter and 2h boneshatter and staggering blow 4 as the 4 main combos. So it’s a pretty even split and requires the T5 rune to be any good.

To me your build is wrong because no matter whether it will perform decently or not, any barb spec for groups that doesn’t have either armageddon falls or thirst for blood is wrong , those buffs are too big to ignore. It looks something like this, it’s up to you where the last points go, and yes in my build I have Overpower, I tested it out and I at least got somewhat consistent results with it but not really enough to say if it’s worth it or not.

You can do reverse hybrid specs that have Armageddon Falls and take advantage of Staggering Blow, I don’t like that spec, so I’m not going to go into it.

You can use the build Mori linked - which is a pure 2h zerker build that I used before having T5 finesse hits, it’s the zerker pre-T5 PvE spec actually and you just use 2h combos with it. Once you get the T5 rune you can just throw out 1h Boneshatter into a rotation and it’ll probably perform just as well as anything weird I used.

PS: If you don’t have T5 rune, these weird hybrid specs aren’t going to work out for you very well. And you need good weapon to make anything zerker work well for you (it’s all weapon damage mods). So if you try it out with the wrong gear or something don’t complain to me it’s no good :smiley:


You have Spirit of the Panther in it - I always wondered of it really works for upheaval, too, because at every other feat the aa combo is specifically mentioned, exept at this one. Never bothered to test it, I always asumed it means every Cyclone of Steel combo, including the aa upgrade.

Thanks all for the answers!

I guess I will stay with the normal reaver specs since it seems the hybrid specs really start to shine once you get the T5 rune (which I don’t have). I haven’t really seen any big DPS differences when comparing them in a few fights. What I especially dislike when switching weapons with my current setup: The T6 buffs from the T6 swords and other items sometimes disappear if I switch to my two handed weapon and back again (not just a visual bug but the stats are gone too if I look them up), I have to re-equip all my items with blessings to make them appear again.

Yes it does. spirit of the panther works on 1h upheaval, but not 2h upheaval.

If you want to do it with 2h upheaval you’d use moris spec because spirit of the panther won’t work and overpower is pointless without a least 2 combos to get offhand hits from.