Good solo/raid builds for Assasassin and Barbarian

I’m looking for some good solo PvE /raid builds for these 2 classes and I’ve been checking out the old forums for any builds but i"m sure if they’re up to date or not also if anyone is wondering I prefer Reaver Barb over Zerker thank you

Reaver barb group/raid, something like this, with 3 optional points left:
Combos: Upheavel, Cyclone of Steel (best 2 step), Jagged Cut (best 2 step), 3 best Wreck Armors (to keep up the debuff if needed), Whirlewind only for AoE (though Wreck Armors is better), change weapons for Stunning Punch and Clobber if ccs are needed.
Without Warning or Determination depending on the fight, Upeaval. Boneshatter is an option, too, though max. dps without T5 rune is Ubheaval.
Pros: max. -hate for you and group, Cheat the Reaper and an aggro dump, max. damage from the reaver tree for 1h, AoE with Wreck Armors and Jagged Cut.

Also, this guide is totally up to date, and quite a good one. Even if you do not agree with the specs etc. you can get a good idea of what is imortant and what is not.