Barb AA, seeking Advice


Good Morning,
first of all sorry about my bad English, it´s not my Mothertongue.

I´m a returning Player, last Time i played on Zath Saga.
I play a Barb (Reaver/ 2x 1H) without deeper AA Skills. I have Pressing Strikes and Deceicive Strikes at 3-4, tainted Weapons, Absorb (the skill under tainted Weapons), thats all.

What is the best Way to Build up the AA Tree for my Barb?


I suggest you the Barbarian Guide by Zujilin, one of the best barbarian class players in my opinion.


Thx for the Link. :slight_smile:

Is there any Add on or Option to track his own Debuffs or Dots in a Raid?

Atm im farming with the Barb and other Chars the WB, but i dont see my Dot,Debuffs etc.
The Debuff/Dot´s on a Raidboss its a absolut Mess.