Barbarian Reaver solo build

Hi, I’m looking for a nice levelling build for Barb reaver stance solo pve. I don’t really know what to pick in my feats tree could use some help.


There are none. Blood Rage stance is so much better for solo questing that to use Reaver is like picking a hammer, start hitting your balls and pretend that it’s a good idea. :laughing:

Go with this. :wink:

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For reaver, as in dual-wield, I’d go with this instead

Extra range with jagged cut is great when surrounded, shrapnel will give you decent AoE with wreck armors, and if I were going that deep in zerker i’d rather take thirst for blood than welcoming death. You don’t need Arcane Marauder either, unless you fight in Khitai.

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Hi reaver only gets decent once you are lvl 65+ ish, because you can pick the shrapnel feat and later dance of death. But the extra range and cc options and better self heal you have with berserker tree and 2h is in my opinion always better for leveling as barb. But on the bright side once you are lvl 80, the reaver tree is better for dps in raids/dungeons up until you’ll get a t5 rune.

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Thanks for the response, Patoson.

Thanks for the response, Baerron.

Quick advise: You can turn Jagged Cut / Boneshatter into a quiet nice AoE stun by simply double tapping right before doing the combo finisher. Since it has such a huge range, has a quick animation overall and lots of hits during this animation it can easily stun lots of enemies all around you (which is also great in some group dungeons / raids).
With the AA feat that adds damage to the stun (you can spend points in that at level 20 already but it’s not recommended to be hoenst) it gets even better since it can deal extra damage while stunning them, the damage sometimes pops up 4 or 5 times because of your offhand chance.

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