Barbarians Covered in Blood

Don’t we all love it? So FC, can you please tone up the time blood from battles stays in our bodies? It would be nice if the blood stays til water washes it, from rain and lakes. I guess this doesnt affect the game performance right?


If the whole world isn’t red then I don’t want to live in that world!

Personally, I would like to see the blood on the ground remain for more than a few seconds.
As a further pie-in-the-sky mechanic, I would really like to see a mod that creates circling vultures over an area that has seen moderate to heavy PvE/PvP combat.

For example, if a group of players just cleared out a Darfari camp or ambushed a group of raiders, vultures would appear circling overhead for the next thirty minutes or so. Good way for an observer to recognize if there has been signs of human activity.


That’s a really cool idea. Circling vultures would be great, but for immersion sake the vulture should also come to the ground and start picking away at the corpses. Hopefully we’ll see some creatures that can actually fly, like the Children of Jhil (harpies) and Bat Demons. Right now all ‘birds’ still walk around, which is pretty silly.


I like the idea of vultures overhead. It’s a good shorthand for “this camp hasn’t responded yet.”

While not entirely immersive, I would limit it to npc camps. They tend to be more high value.

Also, there are flying vultures in testlive now. When you approach they lift off and leave, despawning shortly.

Yeah and with a high volume sound to it that scared the ■■■■ out of me on several occasions :wink:

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