Adding birds, other than the vultures

I love the random sound effects you have in the game. When you are near a lagoon at night, you hear crickets chirping and toads ribbitng. When you are in the Highlands you hear eagles, hawks and crows… Ever notice why you don’t see any of this in the game? You hear eagles, hawks and crows but you see vultures… lol… why not add these critters since you already have rhe ancient sounds. You have rabbits who swim under water (clearly glitched) flying crocodiles (funny glitches) and Rhinos and elephants amongst other critters that float away like balloons on a Macy’s float. Add more critters… frogs hopping puddles, crickets or the thickets, etc…


I belive the lack of these creatures (birds, frogs, bugs (except large ones)) is on purpose… those would draw extra server resources that are not needed… although i’m sure we could make some bosses from these… giant frog in swamp… great eagle in the northern mountains… giant cricket… and please add a Monty Python style killer rabbit!


Please no.

If it could be done, it would be a nice addition. I don’t think I would notice a cricket, but maybe get a cricket for feeding to the fish?

The server load issue might be avoidable if these could be implemented client-side. Perhaps a creative use of the particle system could achieve the appearance of fly swarms, flocks of birds, etc.

Of course, if such critters were client-side, then no two players would see the same thing, and you probably wouldn’t be able to have any meaningful interaction (kill / harvest) with them.

It’s like that now. When I’m in the river, I see groups of Angelfish, etc. But if I announce it to a mate that I see this, he says he can’t see it. Same with any object be it person, plant, dead, etc… most of us see it, can photo it, UT it won’t be there or it will be in a different position for someone else.

You haven’t seen the reindeer yet?

No creatures move or react if a player is around so it wouldn’t be much more.

I am quite fond of this idea RabidChimp805. It always struck me as odd that a game with such a rich diverse bestiary, dozens of animals and creatures, yet we only only a single species of bird in the game. The vultures are a nice touch. However much like yourself, I felt it would be nice to see a handful of additional bird species. Some crows or ravens feasting on some of the many animal carcasses, eagles soaring above the Highlands, seaguls on the railing and rooftops of Xel Ha on the eastern coast. This small touch has the potential to take a deep immersive world and apply yet another interesting layer. Signed.


The sound effects are already in place and I liked the reworking of the particle effects idea. They could use the same principal as they did in the Sunkin city, with all the various fish swimming about and apply that to the real world.

Just one day, I want to pull leeches off me while swimming across the merky lagoons in the jungle.


I’d actually prefer to see Vultures following the players around the map, and when you kill them, randomly one will be in possession of [A cracked crystal pendant] that, when you select ‘info’, suggests that the pendant was used as a scrying focus and through this trinket, somebody of great power has been watching you ever since you escaped your crucifixion.

Having vultures in the desert, in Nüb’s River, in the Ruined City, basically anywhere south of the Great Wall that divides the Cimmerian/Aesir region from the rest of the map and into the Jungle biome, that makes sense … but when you start to see Vultures following you into the Ruins themselves, into Sepermeru, into the Jungles, into the frozen north, into the volcano … something should start to feel very off.

Having eagles, seagulls and maybe doves and partridges faffing about as non-interactable npcs, or having small animals like partridges and small lizards taking the place of rabbits in very cold or very hot biomes would be a nice touch.


What’s about swarms of Moskitos and other insects. The Moskitoswarm could be used as a real threat in the Jungle you have to flee like in reality :innocent:
BTW As an admin you can spawn already dragonfly’s.


There should be the chance for Malaria in the swamps of by he jungles, mosquito as well. Real survival in the biomes, not just weather that doesn’t do anything. A random lightning strike in the Highlands, that hits a tree sparking a fire… buy clearly, we’d be in more of the Far Cry franchise… although, they had pretty dang good ideas in FarCry Primal, too bad the game was poop.

Nonetheless, adding real threats to each biome, but then I guess it wouldn’t fit the author’s Sense of the game… dunno. Aracniphobia does play well in this game… add more threats in the waters… You want that Pirate Treasure? Try dodging Hammerhead Sharks, etc…

Where are the giant Red ants? Why aren’t we seeing Ant caverns? Ya got Sand Reapers… and what exactly are they? A cross between earwig and aliens?

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I think some of the more fantastical creatures, the giant spiders, the Sand Reapers, the Rocknoses and the Undead are all evidence that the ‘Veil’ between the normal world and the alien realms from which the Gods and Demons all hail, from which Sorcerers draw the ‘High Art’, the ‘magic’ not made from science or alchemy, has been worn paper-thin by the native Giant population offering sacrifices to Set and summoning and binding Demons for thousands of years before their fall.

We’re dealing with a portion of the world altered by constant ‘brushes’ against Cthulu-tier entites for thousands of years. We’re lucky there’s not actual Shoggoths or worse skulking about the land, and that’s not including the actual horror of the Divine Avatars and what they represent …