New Enemy (Animal) - Birds

Currently, we have a great deal of animals that do melee attacks, but not ranged attacks. This idea combines both – melee attacks but from flying animals, swooping in for an attack. Against melee ground opponents, all one has to do is climb (even just hang on the side of a cliff) for the animal to go away.

But what about changing that ‘always works’ dynamic? What about adding flying birds as enemies to the map? I’m not thinking of a single Eagle or even a few vultures to swoop down on unsuspecting players, but a whole flock of birds like black crows or vampire finches. Something similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds (1963).

Movie clip:

Open air bases might be a problem (unless that base have some efficient archer thralls guarding it).

Just a thought about adding some new threat to the game. It may not work due to game engine limitations.


Not just birds, just as base animations are reused with Shalebacks and gorillas, have bat and insect swarms depending on the biome. Of course, thematically you should be able to swim under water to escape them.

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