NPC\Creature Climbing

I really think Funcom should look at NPC/creature climbing for those that can do so, but be subject to all the constraints that players are, such as stamina, armor encumbrance, and falling damage if knocked off. Furthermore, I also think that winged creatures such as the children of Jhil should be able to actually fly.

I think this would solve a lot of problems such as bases that would normally be unreachable to purges and would make much more sense that undead suddenly appearing in the middle of your base.


I was running from a Saber Tooth a couple weeks ago and thought I’d be safe climbing up a small ledge. Nope! He climbed right up and the chase was on again…

It would be nice to see more animals, especially winged ones, climb up small ledges/cliffs to continue chasing you. But when Rhino’s or Mammoths start climbing trees… I’m out. :rofl:


Animals/monsters/NPCs should be able to pursue you across appropriate terrain. This would add a great deal more challenge and depth to encounters that can otherwise be exploited by taking advantage of pretty simple terrain.

I agree and certainly didn’t mean all creatures, and especially not rhinos! I was thinking of spiders, apes and big cats, all of which are capable of climbing.

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Good suggestion.

Only thing is I’ve kind of got used to being able to cheese the mobs.

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