Climbing spiders?

Why cant spiders climb? That would be cool to see.


Players cant climb very good, and randomly fall off, or fail to “jump” over the lip at the top of the cliff, Id hate to see spiders falling as I walk by…

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Watching a spider purge crawl over an arachnophobe’s walls and into their home would be more fun to watch than someone getting spooked in Phasmophobia.


You are a very, Very bad person to suggest that @Taemien … and I agree 100%. Wish spiders could climb, or at least jump two foundations high - that is an amazing scene to picture. Get’s my vote. :smiley:

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Zath could allow for some more adventuresome spiderly actions - and we have all seen spiders sneaking into rooms when it gets cooler and a window’s been left open.

For the same reason crocs can’t swim, humans can’t climb/get to cover, animals can’t jump over/off of things.
That would be one of my biggest QoL improvement if the AI could move in 3D not just on flat ground.

I only use the live version, and humans -especially archers- pedal backwards leading them to fall.
Doing combos with shield that causes knockdown and knockback finally knock enemies off of cliffs.
Ragdoll is still weird sometimes, most noticable when you try to skin a dead body and it jumps over you (can dead bodies be so ticklish? :laughing: )

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Complex combat, strategy or perks like this wouldn’t be possible with the current servers I think :confused:
Climbing spiders would be amazing though…

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