Imagine if A.I. Could climb

Imagine the purges and the fights if the A.I. could climb and attack in water and swim . Rubbing my hands together.

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They do, just not the mountaineering type climbs. Go to the rock in the Cimmerian camps out in the lake with the 5 NPCs who are discussing something. Climb up and they will chase you down into the lake then return to the rock in the same climbing manner.

But I get what you mean. You want cliff and tower climbers.

Could be very interesting fights that way.

It would be cool but if they was to act like they do now they would get half way up the wall and just stop and stay there lol.

I hope not but maybe have some sort of stam representative (white bar would work) that would put a maximum they could climb without resting.

Yeah would definitely need something like that

Underwater dragon fight?
One fire breath, the water boils aaaand you die!

My only and the biggest problem is this what you are saying. No jumps/clims/swims/hidings for the A.I. :frowning:

Maybe only humans and spiders really and no boss versions then?

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They be climbing up here!!

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