Make the enemies swim and kill you in the water

oh and make them climb walls too


Yes and yes!

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yes! water no longer safe (or add naval enemies like WoW)
some npcs should climb walls to get their targets…
others need some range attack (like throwing or spiting) for cases when people cheesing with high ground (stand on foundation and poke with spear\shooting arrows) for example.

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But this one’s immersion will be shattered if they cannot escape from an alligator by jumping in the river…

That is a joke.

It is a worthy idea, not certain how difficult it would be to implement, but definitely something that this one would like.


I think they defaulted to NPCs(humans specifically and this just carries over to other NPCs for various reasons) not attacking in water for simplicity, considering many of them use two handed weapons. So I believe that would lead to a whole slew of other AI issues. I mean archers already weapon swap based on proximity, but considering AI at this time is programmed to avoid water at all costs I imagine it would take some substantial doing. Would also require new attack animations for just about everything to not be just absolutely awful. All for something that would be nice but not entirely game enhancing IMO.

Similarly, I would hate to see the amount of server lag created by extra AI processing determining routes utilizing vertical surfaces.

Roll the game back to day one with no updates and you can get nommed on by piranhas.

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That will cost us patch testing time.

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