Bodies of water are too safe

The water is too inviting for a swim, and there is a lack of immersion where the land is dangerous, yet the water is 100% safe…unless archers shoot you in the water. I suggest that the team work together on some carnivorous creatures in the water, and maybe a simple attack mechanic while swimming. Imagine your swimming and a big ■■■ barracuda takes a bite out of you… maybe even some fantasy fictional creatures, like killer crab-squid things. I am not sure of what conan exiles lore would have as water life, but it needs something to fear in the water. Please add some aggressive entities in the water.


They would be cool, but considering they can’t even get crocodiles to attack when they follow you into the water, I have little hope.


Crocodiles are the perfect enemies to do this job indeed. They should be improved in order to allow them to hunt you in the water.


I agree! They should.
But also add more as suggested, particularly in the deep waters up north.

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Funcom AI isn’t the best for this kinda of thing, maybe now with the sucess of the game and the ton of money they got they can hire someone good to redo AI :slight_smile:, it would be awesome


That’s true. I recall reading in a thread where they said that the AI isn’t even robust enough to add simple commands to thralls. Meaning dodos from Ark were smarter than humans in this game, even from day 1 of Ark’s EA.

(Not trying to compare Ark’s AI, really, just the intelligence of a dodo to a human’s.)


Crocs do swim after you. This is a land base game. I don’t want more lag to just add water creatures.


I just reached the big dammed lake in the north yesterday, and I half expected to something big to come out of the water if I swam into it :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly, I knew beforehand that something like that couldn’t happen, but it’d be awesome :smiley:

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Yep. We covered that. But they do not attack while in water.

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Actually I was playing yesterday after the update and had a croc chasing me, I didn’t feel like dealing with it so I went for a swim. Swam a little ways and heard the combat music, looked around and saw nothing. So I continued my swim and a few seconds later, THE CROC JUMPED UP OUT OF THE WATER FEET AWAY FROM MY FACE. He then swam back down to the bottom after this poo inducing lunge attack and went through the river bed.

So I guess to recreate this have one follow you in the water and wait a little bit lol


Hah, that sounds amusing.

I’ve actually swam with crocodiles a lot (including the monster croc boss) and even wore one like a costume. They’ve never even attempted to attack me while in the water.

@JackKingbean What system do you play on?


Xbox one, that’s weird I’ve never seen them swim like that, just walking on the river bed when chasing something. It’s like they don’t have collision with the ground down there though, yesterday was the first time I’ve seen anything like that, I’ll try to recreate that today

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I don’t actually see them swim either, they simply ‘walk’ near the surface of the water and eventually get stuck and stop moving.

I’m on PC, some things are just weird on PC vs consoles and vice versa. But when it comes to crocs and water, it seems to be weird on both, just in different ways.

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I always thought there should big ole killer hippos in the southern river. Oh, and maybe some deep ones on the swungle coast.

There were fish in the admin panel including a piranha, shocked they didnt make it to game but looks like they put work into it already just havent built past the creature models.

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Hopefully they don’t spawn in my base like the baby turtles do.

I agree. Now as you start a new character I know getting down to the water for a drink of water is hard enough without getting dragged underwater and eaten.
It would be nice to see some more survival dangers in the game.
I have never, in this game, suffered heat stress, or exhaustion, while running through the dessert. Nor have I gotten lost, because I magically have a map of the entire area on the back of my hand. Or have I come across Poison ivy (ok this one is a stretch and even I wouldn’t really want this in the game).
I guess my point is this is a great survival game, but with survival in the genre, I would personally enjoy some more survival problem to solve. Like “I need a drink of water, but isn’t there crocs in this river?”

i think they will add piranha into the game , you can spawn fish as admin in mob spawner :slight_smile:

New players has it hard enough. Crazy turtles,other players,hostile NPC,purge,insane wild life,demons,undead,sercet enemies (don’t want to ruin it for people),dragons and bosses. Second there a sercet way to a certain place underwater. Water creatures would turn it worthless. Also certain water creatures can’t stand cold waters. The breath meter would need revamp and increase. Next underwater combat would need to be added in the game. If you thought sorcery taking forever underwater combat would take longer. Next you have more bugs and glitches. The baby turtles dying off to all water creatures added in.

So no to water creatures added in. This isn’t ark. I bought conan exiles,because it a land open world survival game and not a sea open world survival game.


That’s a pretty lame reason to buy a game.