It's too quiet in the water. The threats come from the land

I want to see prehistoric great white sharks or water monsters. Anyway, the water is too quiet!

May see piranhas in groups

I hope to add some underwater culture and explore civilization and monuments.
This piece has not been developed

Like the Sexy Mermaid



Her sight does not affect me, but a megaladon should be a world boss underwater

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At least have the alligators follow you into the water…

How about some strong currents and water falls?


Why isn’t spear fishing a thing in conan exiles?


Why can’t we catch fish in the water? ? I like to eat grilled fish


No, please leave water as is. Theres already enough things to fight.

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never enough stuff to fight…

But underwater combat is… I would point out Mh tri, but not everyone liked that. And morrowind was pretty laughable.
I can’t remember MGS3 very well… crocs basically murder you. Its there turf, >_>

I’d be fine with Crocs, and fish to spear and bow hunt. Not “A LOT” of Crocs, just a few to remind you to watch for them.

Fishing… if it isnt like Zelda OoT, its not worth having. Throw bait in, click when bobber wiggles is over done…

I just saw a huge crocodile jumping out of the water during my last session. It was in the river near the starting area, during a sandstorm. Almost got an heart attack.

i remember a guy posting a screen of this very crocodile a long time ago. i looked for this animal everywhere, never found it. Now it seems i have :smiley:

i’m just wondering if this is a new feature or if it has Always been in the game.

This thing was HUUUUGE !!! All i can tell, is that i don’t look at the rivers with the same eyes now :smiley:

Will try to take a screen if i mange to meet him again.

He’s been there from the very beginning. Scared me to death the first time my toon was low level and using the the water as a safe zone.

FML, I thought my mind was on the fritz again! So it WAS real! I almost lost my $hit. Needless to say I got out quite quickly… I was busy showing an old friend what his new game was all about and all of a sudden as we make our way towards the darfari camp by the dregs I saw that happen, shooting like a torpedo towards the surface. My friend saw nothing but I could not believe my eyes! (I was under water)

Im so relieved to hear someone else saw that too.


Really? Well that’s interesting, i thought this thing was scripted to show up when swiming at the surface only.
Did you try to look for him after his jump?

Thanks JTtheDestroyer

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I tryed to get the giant spider to fight the giant crocodile…
I ended up having to dived and concur in the end!

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Even if they don’t attack, I’d at least like to see some swimming crocodiles. Few things yank me out of the game faster than jumping into the water with a croc chasing me only to turn around and see it walking along the bottom of the river.

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He shows up under the water for a few seconds. I built a lake town over there and he became an amusement attraction.


There should be waterzones, where crocs attack. They are so sad when they chase me on land with their tiny legs, the face full with confidence… And i always think -i know, this is not how you guys roll in real life (pun intended)


As JT pointed out, Just wanted point it out as well. Been there since release. There several spot you swim past, and it comes out from ground. (if you happen to be looking down)

Can’t hit you are anything, just seem to be neat thing to catch you off guard. XD

i think if they goin to make water life to attack players we need another map the noob river is to close to first spawn and with the water be posibly dangerous this can be an isue as you cant realy fight in water.

besid that it would be nice having a treat in the rivers at the jungle and at the river up north. but then the question remains how do we fight these things. only able to use javlins in water ?

From IRL experience, I’d say only daggers and short swords could be used underwater. All other weapons are too big and pretty useless.

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