Sharkbait, Oohhaha!

Very excited to get more info on today’s teaser. And the filenames had me laughing. Keep up the good work, FC!

Edit: So folks don’t have to guess what I’m talking about: Something Lurks Below


I can’t wait for the Mega-lowdown.


Hope this means including a Megalodon boss, too!


So, I’m guessing I shouldn’t try to swim the length of the river without my floaties anymore. :grin:


Does this mean we will all be using javelins now?

Looks bit like a dungeon in the swungle to me.
Doubt it’s lurking in the river. :wink:

You never know :wink:

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Im pretty sure that if we flail about like a distressed or injured marine creature we will be fine. :wink:


Consider me excited. These sharks better escape, and inhabit the other waterways of the exiled lands. Water needs to be dangerous (and rewarding) as well!

Shark fin armor… unique swim animation… I can pretend to be jaws. Plz n tnks!

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I agree about not all water needs to be dangerous. This needs to be kept in a certain area. I see this being in the open waters on the east map sea area. Think salt water sea vs fresh water rivers and lakes inland, just like in real life.

An underwater unnamed city type thing. where certain temples have air pockets would be nice as well.


If this means, spears and other weapons work underwater, cool.

River near noob start point, I expect croc or 2 down below. (like ones that shoot up near fish) maybe Gar thats in game already. But nothing evil…

I assume blue fin shark is out in Sea/Ocean on east of map. It would likely avoid river cause of Crocs.

throwing axes,arrows, and the javelin would be nice to be able to use. Give them more of a use in game. But the stamina drain could still be an issue. Guess grit build would be a pvp tactic for the areas where they might try to dip and run during fight.

You can fight underwater with the javalin, or even throw a spear from shore at a shark. This change would actually makes those weapons worth using. And they even added the Javalin to unnamed city which lets you breath under-water permanently. Sharks need to be here. It was planned originally as part of the game.

Don’t be afraid of change. Especially good change.

There is absolutely no reason not to add this mechanic to the water ways (the major ones) in a sparadic manner. (Not as heavily populated as crocodiles, but a couple roaming sharks (3-4) in noob river area, with a few more (5-8) in the jungle river, with dozens swimming out in the open waters.

This absolutely makes water bases fun/exciting. You could even make a “Deep Blue” type base around a shark spawn and capture one or two just for fun.

Only real threat sharks could pose is to people who afk and tread water to “feel safe” while they are going to the rest room. lol


Spear fishing is a thing, Jav is more for throwing.

technically bows even work underwater, There often adjust to a crossbow like spearfishing style.

part of me hopes, certain weapons work, so we got abit of planning to do.

Is that a creepy fish man I see in the most recent photo? Does not look like an exile to me.



It’s a Son of Dagon!

Robert E. Howard and Lovecraft were friends, so he incorporated some Lovecraftian stuff into his work.

The Yog god is one crossover that’s already in the game, it looks like we’re about to get some Cthulhu worshippers for what looks like some great fun.

I am looking forward to this.

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if there is mentioned dagon doesnt that mean new god?

also iam rly exited about water life

also there will come probably new recipes and maybe armors

i guess it comes along with turan pack, and winners of building contest /added pictures in game/ so around 14/04?

also if its way other dungeons be done, than oj blyat /heavy slavic breathing/

My guess is it will be a dungeon like Jhebal. No sharks on the actual map, just in the dungeon. This would allow for mechanics changes, such as perma breath under water, and fighting mechanics only available in that area.
Maybe the entrance at either Dagon’s Embrace or Descent of Dagon. The other two areas are the south Jungle obbie and really close to the silk wood, away from the water.

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Thats you, me? Even in empty water swiming out to siren islands I have goosebumps from stuff in water… and there nothing even there yet!

Sharks, Gars (which is in game, but has not attacks, just swims in spot) I welcome them… it’ll be like pebble critter that burst out, and make me skip a heart beat. XD