Tips to create another difficulty level

I was inspired by my last post. We should have npcs that can chase you such as climb walls. Crocodiles that can swim and chase you. A wandering group of killers that randomly appear in different areas of the map, tsunami on Isle of Siptah.

On a side note, I wish our characters could speak more and have a voice.

I wouldn’t mind NPCs given the ability to climb as a base function of the game for all ‘difficulties’.

If… If you ever played this game in barbaric…
And if… If we had a couple barbaric officials…
All the pve is easy conversation would be automatically over…
Almost 3 years I beg for it…
One day… You never know.


I have a beyond barbaric server… .2 xp and the bodyworks mod with drachenfeles weather mods cranked up, all set on barbaric. I use otterly’s thrall blocker for all fighting thralls and keys from thrall wars bosses unlock a curated set of fighting thralls (can still purchase stuff at Flotsam). It is hard AF.

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You didn’t said the best part that will kill me softly and drop me off my horse once more…
Your server is on PC :pensive:.
Once @3LiON upload on Playstation discussion, here in the forum that he will create a barbaric server, I was really exited to the point FINALLY!!!
Yet it was PvP :pensive:. I don’t hate to pve on pvp, it is way more harder because you injure your thralls too and this is awesome, yet…
I love to build open cabins, wooden the most and leave all my doors open for visitors. I love to gift things to others and help them in need, pvp is not a server that will allow you to play this way. I just love to pve, this is my great problem :man_shrugging:. Thanks a million for everything you do for the hardcore fellow exiles all these years :+1:t6:.

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Come to the dark side…


Yup! I wouldn’t dig climbing NPCs (maybe spiders only)…

I want it more difficult too but I think the way to that end is ever so slightly harder hitting NPCs AND… and this is the important bit… a much larger repertoire of defensive and offensive moves. As it is, the main reason it’s too easy is that they are all so predictable. A couple of bosses have unpredictability but all NPCs and animals just do the same thing. UG!

Another area where it could be beefed up is the number of enemies. For example Savage Wilds has villages with 25 to 40 NPCs all in close proximity - so if you fight one you’re going to be fighting at least five or six. This knocks down the predictability unless you have magic eyes and the concentration of Nikola Tesla. As it is on officials the typical village has between 3 and 10 NPCs and you’re almost never fighting more than two or maybe three at a time (again typically speaking).

But climbing NPCs… nah… no thanks… Spiders would be cool though.

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One of my biggest beefs is blunted arrows. The idea that you can tag someone’s temple with a hard metal ball and knock them out and their friends are cool with it annoys me. That and roping a thrall should aggro everyone. I would love npcs climbing but maybe thats difficult to path without other consequences, but it would be interesting to have to build a base with anticlimb for purge defense.

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The game even in decadent mode can be challenging, all you have to do is dethrone your self from the lvl 60 every now and then. Having full attributes, epic sets fixed from tier 4 crafters, boosts from sigils and buffs can make the game seem very easy, forgetting how hard you try to get there. This evolution and outcome is logical and it is a damn good reason to be pushed to achieve this power. There are a lot that should be more logical. It is insane that 50 meters away you slay someone and the rest of the camp is drinking beers :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Especially when your attacks are with loud voices from both sides (npcs shouting, I will destroy you and nobody else is listening some meters away ??? Was it an airplane passing and cover it maybe??? )
A lot things can be discussed, I, before the op years ago, was asking for crocodile water attacks :man_shrugging:, now I know why not. And it doesn’t have to do with programming but with the logic that this game follows. If however in the future, they will decide to change it and make it more “realistic”, I fear that the game will loose a lot. Because normally a bear should hit harder than any thrall, if an elephant passes over you, you should suffer slow death and paralysis until your last breath goes out. We can give hundreds of examples that realism could import and “destroy” this lovely gaming experience. No need…
What we really need is barbaric mode, trust me, it is a blast, an excellent experience, excellent balanced. I say it again and I will say it once more, every single weapon, every single combo of all the weapons exist to counter attacks, if you’ll never play this mode, you’ll never learn it, you’ll be just another war axe fighter and that’s all .

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