NPC Enemies Could be More Challenging

It doesn’t matter if you play in a PVP or PVE server, you, at some point, you had to fight a Mob, for Thrall capturing or resource farming. But unless you jack up their damage and diminishes yours ( what is in fact an artificial increase of difficulty) , they’ll offer no challenge at all once you learn the patterns of their attacks.

If you tried to kill an Elephant you’ll soon learn that all you have to do is do 2 heavy attacks, dodge back ( even in heavy armor ), wait for their move to finish and approach again to repeat this “dance”.

But this could be easily be fixed with minimal effort from the devs ( compared to other methods), all they had to do is make the enemies telegraph way less their attacks, by reducing their animation time by cutting a bit the “preparation” of their attacks animation, going a bit more to the part that actually deals damage leaving you with a shorter time to react.

There’s also a more time consuming way to increase the challenge, but in no way exclude the method presented above; and that is making the enemies able to move while attacking, so they can alway be at range with you, because this creates a scenario where the player can easily run away from every foe.

And here I want to touch in another subject: Combat is avoidable.
One thing is to choose to go around those pack of hyenas to avoid fighting them, the other is to run right in the middle of the pack, knowing nothing bad will happen to you, and if you start to get surrounded you can just climb a cliff and boom, they’ll completely forget that they were chasing you.
Another solution to that is to make certain animals faster that the players, like Tigers and Hyenas for example, this way even if they don’t take the time to add the attacking while moving animations, those enemies could easily outrun you and guarantee every hit they can.

What do you guys think about it?

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Well compared to game play videos I saw before the combat revamp, they’ve already come a long long way. This also isn’t Conan Dark Souls so I think the difficulty is nice as far as animations, if you want more challenge there is always pvp. You did bring up a great point though, no way should I be able to outrun a tiger or hyena, I should have to fight it or trick it to escape. HOWEVER, real animals wouldn’t fight to the death this unrealistically or just chase you forever for no reason so…I really just think we should leave things the way they are right now. Honestly I’ve tried to kill an elephant at lv 20ish with an iron pike and medium armor and I can’t do it. I tried a method similar to what you describe but I’m just not good enough yet. I think there are more people at my level of control and combat then yours right now though.

Hi Styn, I don’t think the PVE combat should be super hard or unfair like dark souls; I just don’t want it to be boring and repetitive, you know? My point is that the enemies give you a big window to react, and I think it should be shorter, so you could only safely beat down that enemy with quick reaction and training.

Well, enemies already can follow you forever if you give them time to catch up, and you’re right, if my idea were to be implemented immediately they would always catch up and then always follow you, but that can be easily fixed with an anchor radius, a territory that the mob will defend, after you leave the radius they’ll forget about you.

I don’t think we should leave things the way they’re at all, the only enemy that will handle my ■■■■ in a plate is the Rhino, exactly because it telegraphs so little its moves, also they are quite similar, so you don’t really know what he’s pulling off; but people say that they’re bugged and that behavior was no intended, what is too bad.

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