Legit Melee Possible?

Is there an efficient way to fight Reptialian Monstrosities (especially the boss version) in melee without taking forever nor cheesing them with traps, bows, or poison? (The weapons I am using are Steel.)

The game is pretty fun until you run into one of the bosses in the game, then everything seems to grind to an immediate halt, and the game becomes a slow cheese fest at that point. (The hit boxes on a lot of enemies seriously need adjusted too, like on the charge attack birds do. You shouldn’t be sent flying the second they spread their wings but before they even start running.)

In other games, rhino-type enemies would be designed so that they are extremely dangerous in a straight line or from the front, but they would have poor cornering capabilities. In this game though, the enemies can all seemingly turn on a dime, skate around like they are on ice, and have aim-bots installed. That means standard rhino-fighting tactics are pretty inefficient here. Even dodging and stacking a bit of bleed seems highly inefficient as it barely seems to tickle them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This game could use a more interesting AI for non-human enemies.
The rhino-type, gorilla-type, and croc-types should be more track-like movement. Slow turning quick acceleration. Basically the bigger an enemy is the slower the turning speed should be.
Giants however seem to be fairly balanced based on my last encounter with them.

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I agree. I don’t mind certain enemies being able to turn on a dime or use advanced tactics, but it is kind of annoying and immersion-breaking when a bird and a crocodile decide to form and alliance and execute a pincer attack against your character.

For example, Humans and Wolves should have good turning capabilities and access to advanced tactics. Rhinos should be fast in a straight line, but bad at turning. Undead should should swarm straight at you.

Also, it would be nice if herbivores were less aggressive and predators would prioritize easier targets. In other words, if a crocodile is chasing you, a bird runs up attacks, and you run off, the crocodile should eat the bird instead of them running towards you side-by-side.

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Enemy ranged combat is pretty messed up too. If an archer targets you, and a melee thrall starts smacking them in the face, they’ll still shoot at you as long as you’re in range. I use this sometimes by running behind a big object while my thrall smacks him with a truncheon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spiders are a pain in the butt too. Every charge attack misses and even thralls auto aim has trouble hitting them. You know the hitbox is messed up when basically the AI version of an aim bot can’t hit it a spider that’s standing still effectively. lol

well, honestly last time I had a fight with reptilian monstruosities they was easy, but that was not recent so now I have to fight them to be sure if something changed.

For the boss, I used my classic tactic: a thrall as tank, me doing dps.

It worked until the boss had this good idea of going into the water :roll_eyes: after a charge… being unable to fight him in melee there I used my bow for a while.

When the boss finally left the water he killed my thrall (4k hp, not epic armor) but I finally killed him.

It was at least a month ago.

I don’t find them hard. They are just inefficient to fight. You can just tank the hits and waste health, durability, and healing items. If you have a thrall with you, you can just have them tank for you, but that still doesn’t address the issue of fighting them efficiently when solo.

The bosses are even worse about it.

For example, if fighting a shellback with a longsword, you can bait an attack, move in, and then use the light, light, heavy attack combo. That will keep them stun-locked for the combo, do decent damage, and still give you time to safely move out of the range of a follow up attack without you needing to take a hit or waste time by poking once then backing away repeatedly. I can’t find a legitimate strategy, like the combo I mentioned above, for dealing with the RMs.

You know there is a problem when even good players would rather build a room with spikes and trick the boss into it or cheese a boss with gaseous arrows than fight it legitimately.

Well… I agree and disagree with that.

There are bosses you can fight in an efficient way, meaning there are weapons or settings you can use and 100% win easy that way.

There are bosses maybe you can’t see how to do but it’s possibile, for example I had your problem with the scorpion king, until here a player better them me just stated: “if you’re unable to dodge the tail attack, just use a light armor instead of the medium one !”

There are bosses simply you can’t fight “efficiently”, that’s why you’re forced to use thralls, and make thralls in first place.

You’re right, but I’m glad of that. I usually use always the thrall just to speed up boss fights, but I’m able to solo kill the most part of them in more time.

But if I was able to manage ALL of them in solo without thralls, what would be the point in taming and enslaving ?

Making things easier, carrying your stuff, crafting, etc.

I was speaking about fighters thralls (and pets).

It’s a mechanic very important in terms of time and resources you have to spend. If it was only for “making fights easier” but you was able to avoid it, it would be a shame for me.

Well, it’s just my point of view obviously. :slight_smile:

In any case I don’t think there is an efficent way to solo fight certain bosses. But if someone found them, I’d like to read how :stuck_out_tongue:

I was too. Crafting aside, I have a bearer 3 thrall with a warhammer following me around. She makes things easier by tanking, and I can have her carry my stuff.

I use a T4 named Bearer, Katibria, more for her carrying capacity than for a tanking aptitude. Because her tanking is very unreliable. Sometimes she stay there watching fighting the boss alone like against the Scorpion King in the Scorpion Den. At other time she charges the boss and it’s me that can sit down comfortably to watch her destroy a boss while loosing less than 25% of her health. Then I miss pop corn in the game.:smile:
I equiped her with a Khitan Hevay Armour and Tellith Sorrow first then I changed for a Turan medium armour and Tellith Lament and a khitan shield, both armour and the shield being flawless epic and craftable by any T4 armourer, the main reason with their look why I choose them. She seems more aggressive with a medium armour and a 1h sword + shield, often charging any hostile creatures in range. That makes me doubt the combo heavy armour + 2h weapon is the best for fighting thralls.

I’s be interested to test this out. I may do this on my private g-portal i run, since combat settings are default. I will take the same thrall out and try with the same weapon, but different armor weights and see if they do more damage and act more aggressive. Also see how much armor actually helps in it HP. And this will also maybe put data to light v heavy buff you have as a player. And to make it interesting, i will use a named and t3 (since you rarely see t1/t2 fihgters and archers) to test if the named acts differently. Will report back in a couple of days.

Just bear in mind when you’re testing that if the boss has a “throw” attack, or secondarily a special attack, your thrall will be immune more often when she’s using a 2H, and slightly less when she has a shield. With only 1-hander she’ll be thrown much more, and sustain more damage.

Katibria Featherstep has been my test subject with regard to T4 fighting efficacy: In Heavy with Telith’s Lament (1H) she’ll take 4.5 minutes to kill Boss C and lose almost half health; with Telith’s Lament and shield she’ll take 3.5 minutes and lose about 1/3 health; with Telith’s Sorrow she’ll roar through at 2 minutes with only about 2k in damage.

I did a few more experiment too yesterday during a road trip from my base north of Sepermeru to Lian’s Watch east of New Asagarth, to pick up the emote, then down to the SinkHole to fight the dragon and pick up the Dragonbone recipe and synch with the obelisk and pick up the emote, picked up the Cimmerian dance and the emote on the big hand on my way; then east to pick uo the Aquilonian Dance and the Blow Kiss emotes.
Initially I planned to push up to the Black Galleon but I gathered more than 25% corruption in the Sinkhole, mostly while searching how to get out before deciding to use admin teleport when I saw I wasn’t finding any way out and the corruption was raising. Except for that it was a fun trip and now I have all the dances available in game. I can wear my Zamorean Dancer outfit proudly.:smiley:
At the start of the trip I gave back the 2h to Kattibria and took the 1h sword for myself but forgot to remove the shield. Still a medium armour for her and a light one for me. She attempted to fight with her fist and shield. So I decided to give her both Tellith swords and a shield and using the T3 Ymir axe, Frostbite its name in english I think.
My conclusion is 1h weapon is her favorite weapon. She doesn’t use the 2h sword if she has a 1h sword and / or a shield. And she’ s a lot more aggressive in medium armour than in heavy ones.

I think that it’s caused only by situations, I use Amzadi with heavy armor and she also seems to be sometimes very aggressive :smiling_imp:, sometimes she just look me fighting :sleeping:

So I think the medium armor it’s just a coincidence. :wink:

In any case now I equipped her with a God Eye, and now, with the same weapon I have, she deals more dmg than me :open_mouth:

Sometimes I’m in doubt if she’s following me, or me following her :thinking:

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