Thrall effeciency


In the old days thralls where not effective against large targets like the big dragons and mammuts.
Have this changed?

I have a thrall with me at all times when hunting, and they perform wery well, rhinos and elephants/mamuts are no problem with a 2h berserker, but how do they work against The red dragon or a wery large target?

I havent tryed my favorite dps thralls against big dragons yet, i tried Dalinisa, but she wear a shield and 1h so i dont think whe manage to hit the dragons at all.

Anyone have some innput on the matter?
Is any 2h svinging or poking thrall usefull against the bigger targets in-game now?

Thralls still have trouble reaching a dragon’s hittable area, at least with non-spear weapons. The best performance I’ve got from my thrall is when she glitches into the ground and the dragon walks over her so she can swing upwards at the dragon’s belly. Then, when the dragon is dead, she teleports to me once i’ve walked away far enough. Naturally, this isn’t exactly optimal.

I’d love to experiment more with various weapon combinations, but unfortunately my computer decided to go kaputt on April Fools’ Day, so it’ll be at least several more days until they can fix it.


I remember before that the place to be was under the dragon to hit it with any sucess, this is precicely the kind of info im looking for.

And what weapon people use as a choice to kill those bad boys.
Both on the thrall and you, as far as i can see the dragons are the only boss in unnamed city that isnt immune to poison, so there might be worth a test too.

I like daggers against dragons, but usually equip my thrall with a two-handed sword. Why not a spear? Because swords are cooler. I really should test a spear-wielding thrall against a dragon. I don’t give my thralls daggers because they like doing backflips too much.

I switch to sword and torch when it gets dark, and it usually gets dark while killing the Red Mama if my thrall gets a stroke of idiocy and can’t figure out where to hit the dragon. But keeping a stack of 20 bleeds and possible poison is easy and fun.

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I just started using thralls myself for more than carrying purposes just a few days ago. To be honest, i decided to restart my game on a PVE server a few days after the patch hit the xbox. I wanted to see how the game game would play. I digress…

So this was the first time I took a thrall into the dregs with me. We start to fight the abysmal remnant and what does she do? Just walk into the acid pit and stand there. She took no damage, but she also did no damage. Needless to say, I want equipped for the scenario. When I backed down the stairs and exited without killing the abysmal remnant my thrall showed up. She’s one of the new named ones that wander around. Have y’all seen this kind of wonky behavior?

What kind of thrall is it?
Do you equip the preferred weapon of the thrall?
Should be a Fighter thrall to be effective against any foe.

On some mobs the target is to big for the thrall to hit it, but in most cases the thrall will keep trying to hit it if he/she is correct equipped.

Fighter thrall with hardened steel axe and shield. We were fighting the abysmal remnant

OK, i find that the 1h is a bit to small on large mobs, use a pike or a 2h sword.
If you find a thrall that alleady use a 2h it means he is best at using that gear and then try him on rhinos or elephants first, if he fight then i would try on the remnant.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try. Seeing her just walk into the acid pool unharmed and just effectively stand there was bizarre.

Spinas, Diacus or the new Captain with a 2h sword kills the red mother in a couple minutes.

When capturing a thrall, match the preferred weapon (ANY 1H ,ANY 2h , OR daggers). there AI is based on that, and named will combo more frequently with the matched. shields always work with the 1H thralls.

How can you tell which is the preferred weapon? Is it what they attack you with? Honestly, by the time I get them off the wheel I don’t remember what they used.

I take my Cimmerian Berserker against everything in the unnamed city including the dragons. Aside from her falling threw the floor and just letting her head poke out under the dragon she does just fine. Has a 2 handed sword so she doesn’t have any issues getting to the hit box. She’d kill everything by herself if I let her. I have not tried to give her any weapon other then a 2 handed sword.

It will be the one in the inventory. IE mace, axe, 1h sword= any 1h weapon and shield. hammer, spear, 2h sword=any 2h, and daggers for daggers. Not crucuial, but does help with them just being dormant sometimes in battles.


Ok. That’s easy enough. Thanks.

Yeah, some of the legendary don’t really need full combos by thralls, so that can override preferred weapons. Mine uses a table leg. Captain Bar-room Betty is what i call her. Brutal when she does the full combo with it :slight_smile: and her thrall mates at base are Chieftain fighter with the bar stool /legendary shield, and a Chieftain dancer with glass bottle daggers. My thralls come from dive bars :slight_smile:

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So, is she using the sword of crom that never drops for me?
It will ofc matter how long the fight is, better weapon more hp at the end.

I agree, the backflip can be a real issue, they do it way to much.
While they deal nice bleeds if they hit, they do it barely, more jumping around. Looks cool, but that’s.

Crom sword isn’t bad for the right thralls. :wink:
Some handle spears very well. I think the 2 top weapons for such fights.

She does have the sword of crom now and before that the blade of the adventurer and before that teliths sorrow. I use healing arrows if she’s running low on health and I’m always part of the fight.

Based on my experience and scientific tests, daggers count as a two-handed weapon for thrall preferences. Luba the Luscious started her career wielding daggers, but she’s a monster with a spear or two-handed sword as well. And, since she has the same hitpoints as a Relic Hunter Captain and removes corruption, she’s my go-to companion in corrupting areas (except Unnamed city where I can simply eat a hero if i get too many sieverts of radiation).

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