Help With World Bosses

Giant spiders, giant Rocknoses, and giant snakes are bosses I’ve yet to conquer in this game, and I’ve conquered everything else. I’ve played this game for months, and only thing I can come up with is palisades, but I’d probably die from placing them. Any strategies? What pets?
I do this all solo.

Can you not place the palisade trap first then kite the boss into it? T4 archer thrall at the trap equipped with gas arrows maybe?


Sometimes I don’t always take into account how big they actually are. I tried to make a small base with palisades and lure a spider boss inside. It wasn’t big enough. I don’t know where I’d find a giant snake other than the arena and I can’t build in there.
I know about the base thing but was wondering about other ideas.
I once thought about making a palisade trap and have foundations leading up so I could shoot from above. Any other suggestions?

If your not looking fully cheese or are…

Snake can be sniped before it argo’s… or explosives from above. XD
Snake is quick…like holy cow talk about unfair quick with its bites. XD last time I toe’d to toe’d it.

Since its not to far from Arena doorway, I made small camp, loaded up on Thralls of all sorts. Lured it out into wall of archers and fighters. I had put up walls on left and right, (so they wouldnt enage right away) this way snake would have a few around it.
Most of them died… allowed me to beat on it more safely. XD

Few other tries had exploives all over hallway, (after clearing out cobras) and lured it out and sniping them… I died horribly at end… I got it below halfway. =p

Spiders, Most of them have high up spots you can cheese with gas orbs or arrows.

I use Pillars myself. (and few archer thralls) This way I can weave in and out, and spider can not.
Its abit cheesy. But spider does get few hits in.

(pillar)(paliside)(pillar)(gap)(pillar)(Paliside)(gap)(piller) etc etc.
You can make it a sqaure, circle and hide inside, or just line, or L or [ Shaped, and it’ll walk along edge of it. You want enough gaps, so it it catch up you can go thru.

Or just build mini towers stand on, and pew pew pew, or rock near by.
The one in Cave, you’ll need walk up to to spawn, and then run like hell, and climb up.

Rocknose, pew pew pew, and roll away. They leave themselves open alot.

Bow is my main weapon, Since rocknose has few attacks, that take abit of time, you can drop explosive jars, fire a bow at them and giggle. Keep box near by with abunch more(do to weight)

Personally love pillars, and make semi walls.

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Named fighter. (Vathis is easy to get) Put him in silent legion or any other tough heavy armor, and let him tank and hit the boss while you sit back and hit the boss with poison arrows and gas arrows. I’ve wrecked every boss this way.


Sounds legit. Where is he?

if its one I’m thinking of, he is standing near all devotes at volcano.
(like 10+ praying, and he standing near back) He has a lots of swear words health.


Middle of G and H, mid 13

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He has over 6k health, same as a lot of other named fighters. He does not attack back, and if you’re hitting him away from the devotees, then they will not agro onto you


Does he happen to be around the Shrine of the Oracle? Like where the giant snake statue is? Or whatever its called.

Is it same? Wasnt there one that was just Op as hell? maybe I miss read other forum posts then on him.

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He is directly at the Shrine of the Oracle yes. Right in front of the statue, he’s the only one that spawns on that little stage

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None of the named fighter thralls have over 6.2k health. He’s just OP because he’s a guarantee spawn, and his spawn time is 20mins

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I’m gonna have to make a wheel of pain nearby then. From the volcano to the nearest wheel of pain near the main Highlands thrall camps.
Only got leather bindings atm.

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You can set up a Wheel of Pain in the Vulcano.


I was thinking about it

we have 2 greater wheels of pain up there. it’s pretty OP to be able to get the best fighter every 20 mins. You never were able to kill him or knock him out. But when they changed the devotees from archers to fighters, they messed up and now you can get vathis. So get him now before they change him back to unkillable.

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Theres few blanks spots to set one, and Several high chance spawns of lv3 thralls. ( tend pick up alot of Archer/Fighters here. )

if you can’t make berry drink/tea for cooldown, don’t forget you can make several water flasks. =D
(just in case)

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I crafted Ice Tea and Legion armor. :v:t3: