Fury of the Animal

So I thought of some suggestions for some aggressive wildlife.

Like how the dragons raise their heads to the sky and roar, or the gorillas in the jungle pound their chests. Animations like those could be debuffs for our character and their effectiveness could be based on their levels.

Smaller predators like tigers or wolves could give a crippling effect. Tigers or jaguars could roar in retaliation or to invoke fear, and wolves could howl. It’s a small change but I think it’d make the game more interesting.

In addition to applying a cripple effect, three consecutive taunts could cause a fear debuff, decreasing damage by a small amount.

The bigger enemies like the bears, gorillas, rhinos, etc. could give a sunder debuff, and after three taunts, you get a damage resistance debuff.

And Frost Giants could be interesting as well. I know have an animation where they stand still and roar down at you, but I was thinking about something unique. Being hit by Coldsnap could slow you down some because of being affected by extreme cold.

What’d you guys think? Also, paging @Croms_Faithful for an opinion.


Yeah, why not ?
It’s not game-breaking and adds something useful to animals (tamed pets too, right ?).

To be fair, I already find most animals quite annoying (not dangerous, just annoying ahah) but this doesn’t make them OP, so I’m for it.

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Honey Badgers. Definitely need Honey Badgers.


i heard honey badger dont give a poop.

Croms_Faithful has arrived, answering your summons. Im not sure why you value my thoughts on this one; Im just another joker. But nevertheless I am happy to oblige and help out.

There are a few sub-points I want to explore here. It sounds like what you are proposing here is a ‘rage mode’ of sorts (a bit like an older game Peter Jacksons King Kong), whereby an enemy would enter a taunt mode of sorts, then attack with enhanced power, and/or in this case it would be bebuffs. Does that sound right Trappist01x?

If so I would definately support that, as Im always up for more challenge. Especially as some of the wildlife has now become easier for me. This is just the result of having played the game for over a year and a half now, and gaining mastery of attacking and dodging. But back to the points. I like the prospect of the extra challenge. Heck I would even support higher level human enemies being given a move such as this. However, there are two concerns here I would also address. The first is that I dont feel that ANY of the enemies in the River biome should have such an attack. It should remain a nice easy area for the benefit of new players who are learning the ropes. The second is would it stack (the debuffs) from each enemy, and also multiple enemies. It would need some careful balancing in its implementation. For example, could you imagine if enemies did it as often as our thralls coughed or yawned before the last hotfix? :dizzy_face: (no offence intended here Funcom, Im just saying) We could potentially be in trouble when versing large groups of tougher enemies.

But look overall, as far as the concept goes, its a tick of approval from me.


I think it’s amazing, any AI and gameplay improvements are amazing, but I find it very difficult for them to do that.

I already found it very surprising that they “cheer up the slaves” who were standing dolls, that was a really good gain to the game, including they should keep working on making the slaves even more attractive, although now this wave of “capping” the slave system that kind of blew all my hopes out that they really wanted to make it increasingly attractive.

It is curious how we who play the game end up having really amazing ideas, or we want to bring experiences that we live in other games to a game we love.

Here is my support!

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I wanted to have your input because I think you’re a really great member of the forums.

Sounds right to me. I was just thinking of a taunt like the gorillas pounding their chest, and this causing a debuff. A special attack would be really neat too.

I wouldn’t want it to stack too much. The more dangerous and higher level enemies could cause higher stacks. The lower level ones only give two stacks with minimal effect so it’s not too difficult but still offers a small challenge. And multiple enemies being around taunting all at once, there could be a stack limit for certain level of adds. Like six Shalebacks taunting you won’t give you a six stack debuff. Does that make sense? lol.

Low level enemies = lower debuff stacks and less effectiveness compared to higher level ones.

Bosses will be more challenging compared to normal adds.


Lower level and less dangerous mobs probably won’t be that big of a hassle if you’re high enough level.

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Love the idea! It would work just like that bat boss in the Unnamed City with his sundering roar. Right now, each critter that has a move like that is simply offering us a free hit while they’re messing around. This would make fights more challenging.

The one thing I’m worried about is the stacking of the effect when you have the bad luck to run into a pack of wolves, for example. On the one hand, nobody sane would tangle with a pack of wolves in real life, so that’s a point for realism. On the other hand, it’s still a game, so the magnitude and stacking of the effects should be managed carefully.


Well thankyou for the kind words Trappist01x, as they say flattery will get you everywhere. You are a good member yourself.

Yeah a special attack would be awesome. I also feel that some enemies need a boost to their attack speeds too (Gorillas are a prime example of this), as they are just so slow and easy to dodge.

All that you have just said there in that paragraph sounds very sensible and measured to me. I agree.


Shalebacks and Imps in the starting area could debuff you like -2%, another stack could be +2 to that debuff. Since it’d be the starting area, the stacks would stop there.

Something like a crocodile could be -3%, and then -6%.

Hyenas could be -4%, then -6% just so it’s not too much.

Some couple levels or so later, the mobs could debuff you more. I don’t know what the level difference is for some of the mobs in the Exiled Lands, so imagine whatever. lol.

How’s that?


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