Animal ding dongs?

I mean, you already went ahead and give all creatures an icehole, eggsacks and at the very least a buldge down there, might as well go all the way and add the dongs right? Oh, and vulvas, don’t forget the ladies.
But also, think of the possibilities, it can evolve into an improvement on immersion having animals mating in the wild; and even further, you can add some type of sleeping dart/arrow potion from some lotus flower to knock out animals from both sexs and then bring them back to your pen and have them mate, instead of having to kidnap cubs all over.
Maybe if some male animals are in heat season, they become more aggressive, have more attack.

EDIT: Forgot to add the last one, most useful thing. Since ppl like to RP so much in this game, having animal breeding, one can become a professional animal breeder/tamer.


I don’t think animal mating actions is a premise the creators of the game are looking to explore. Maybe you can just go find what you are looking for on Nat Geo.


Yeah, I’m not entirely sure I wanna know where you’re going with this, but here’s a quick anatomy lesson for you. On a lot of animals, the ding a ling doesn’t just hang out and swing free all the time. That bulge is not a just a bulge.



was only matter of time… Like Glurin said, animals stuff works alot differently, and varies animals have weird thing going on? Look up female Hyena. (actually…don’t do that)

That amount of research, let alone dev time to make it happen… Just wont happen, even if it was …ok’d.
We’ve asked for short hair styles and other thing and be turned down for “small” amount of work. XD

Also… I’d die laughing over Yeti coming into fight holding it like a club. Or worse… we get stuck under Rhinos and Elephant still… you really wan that? wait… did i just answer that question. XD


I support this, but only if they put underpants on all the animals for the people that have nudity disabled in the game.


Why? Just why? There is no real reason to put this in this type of game even for creatures to be more realistic. I understand it with the humans in the game but do we really need to see it on the animals? Makes me question why you really want it and if should really call someone to help

Even if a animal pet breeding system would be a good idea, it doesn’t need such realism in the animal models. Just like in Pokemon put a ♂ or ♀ sign somewhere in the creature name and here you are.


Or even like real life where some animals are brighter or darker colors based on gender


Female hyena are known to have bigger dingalings than their male counterparts.

I don’t see why this should be such a big deal. Real world animals have genitals, so having anatomically accurate models in-game would be just that, anatomically accurate. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve seen some grandmothers in the local toy store examining Scheich plastic animal toys, known for their anatomical accuracy, and commenting how it’s “disgusting”. Reality check, Grandma: horsies and doggies and bulls and elephants have male bits in the real world. That’s what makes life possible. And like Optimus Prime said, life is the most precious thing of all.

Just a few short decades ago, people went to visit farms on their summer holidays. Kids back then saw the whole circle of life back then, from mating to giving birth to butchering. It was normal. It’s this darned MTV generation who goes “teeheehee, nipples” when they see a cow’s udders.

Biology doesn’t stop working the way it has worked for millions of years because people’s perceptions have changed in the past 20 to 30 years.

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Your not taking into account what modders out there will do with such a feature and how funcom would rather want to avoid adding something that would bring bad press. There is no real need to include such things in a game as most people in society don’t really care to see animal that way

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There’s nothing to prevent modders from creating massive animal dingdongs already, or changing all animal models with walking dingdong models, or whatever. I don’t think the argument that “modders could cause bad press” works here.

You’re right that it doesn’t really matter from gameplay perspective whether the animal models in the game are entirely realistic. Perhaps the only real value of adding anatomical accuracy would be trying to return a sense of normalcy to basic biological functions, but I guess a Farming simulator game would be a better platform for this kind of edutainment.

After all, a game of brutal violence, slavery, cannibalism and demon summoning may not be the best medium for education. Some people would just pick up entirely wrong elements from it.

I say why stop there? Let’s give one to Mitra, Ymir, and Derketo too.

Maybe give Set a cloaca?

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It’s not that it’s really a big deal. It’s just…odd that someone would specifically request the devs add sausages and mating animations to all the animals. Would add to the realism, sure, but the request itself kind of makes one do a double take.

I quote my previous post to clarify my words:
That’s not the problem to display or not animal genitals.
That’s the problem of asking some quite huge modifications in almost all the animal models to include 2 variants.

And for what ? a small detail in realism and maybe a breeding feature ?

Realism is not a thing, animals spend more time dead that on their feet when a player comes by them.
The real adding to the game would then be the breeding feature, and it could be implemented with only half of the work, aka breeding system without model editing.

On the contrary. Realism is very much a thing. The way a character’s hair moves, the jiggle in the breasts as they walk or run, footprints in the sand, ripples in the water, debris blown around in the wind, all of it is for the sake of realism. Even certain game play aspects like stamina and torches add their own touch of realism to the world. It’s what takes the game beyond being little more than icons on a screen representing a complex version of checkers.

You take my words out of their context, I’m speaking of realism in animal mating in the game :stuck_out_tongue: (even if I must admit it wasn’t very clear, sorry I’m not a native speaker !)

Like, that level of realism (detailed animal genitalia, mating animations) is kind of irrelevant in the game compared to our interactions with them. We almost always have animals attacking us, or (then) animals dead. Or stuck in standing position as we’re too far to load animations. Or maybe following us because they’re tamed and attacking things because we tell them to.

If realism is the reason behind the idea of seeing animal mating in the wild, what about mating season then ? Or even : what about darfari folks having a good time in their tents too ? :stuck_out_tongue: would be easier, mankind have no thing such as mating seasons !

As interesting as this is I would personally prefer that the devs spend their time fixing the glitches and bugs instead of creating genitalia on animals, I just don’t inspect animals that closely to tell if they are male or female, not do I care as long as they give up the particular resource that I need.


No, we can’t get full nudity for the players toon in the USA. So hell no to animals getting it.

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