Shouldn't animals have "parts" as well?

Title is kind of a mood for me. If the player char is full on nude “settings affected of course…” shouldn’t animals have animal-y bits as well? the animals feel a lot less REAL to me with their barbie-doll like lack of parts. call me crazy, but I feel like it’d be fantastic if someone added nudity to the animals.

Go take a look at some panthers or your horse with full nudity settings on.




Sir / Ma’am / Genderless Being it is too early for this. :joy:

I am content with not knowing.

All the issues with this game and this is what is on your mind? :roll_eyes:


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OP failed to notice the ‘All white horses are now male’ thread

Vebjorn (might be mispelled) adds anuses to creatures when he makes them… for the betterment of the world in my opinion.

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I think the Red Mother’s cloaca is detailed enough.


Good Idee i want to put armor on my animals , they could seem like mecha animal after that …

Well great it looks like a player on reddit started a similar discussion saying the horse’s balls have no physics and don’t move with horses movements…:weary: now I can’t un see it
Looks like I’m gonna need to tame and ride a rhino now

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Camels are coming next month. :joy:

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Give an endowment potion to your horse and get all the “nudity” you wish.
I didn’t try these potions on other animals, yet normally elephants should appear a fifth leg.

Elephants? Thought all in game were female?

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Now I’m scarred for life, thanks Stel😂

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Now you got the Jurassic Park theme music stuck in my head.

Hello! No, this potion does not work on pets in the ‘fifth leg’ sense. I just tried it on a white wolf, a large boar and a mammoth. :upside_down_face:

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