Horse endowment gone in 2022?

After acquiring a few more horses I realized (after thinking I was only getting mares) that horse penises are gone. The ■■■■■■■ is still there so it’s anatomically, visually and aesthetically odd seeing it.

Are horse penises permanently gone? Or is there an option to turn it on to see them like with created characters?

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Have you found your answer?

My guess is you had your nudity settings at anything less than full nudity.

Unfortunately not, and after the Age of Sorcery update it seems male horses have been removed all together. Slightly confused as to way add horses endowment in the first place and than take it away.

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There is no setting that affects horse endowment.
Unless that was some kind of try at a witty/funny remark?.

Uh, no, the nudity setting will affect whether or not the junk appears on a horse. And unless this is something unique to playstation, I can personally guarantee you that male horses are still a thing in the game.

This now has me wondering what you’re referring to and whether you’re familiar with how certain features work on animals. No offense intended if you’re not, as it’s generally not something people are familiar with if they haven’t spent much time around dogs and horses and whatnot. Suffice to say that they don’t spend all their time “hanging out”.


…you have my attention.

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I don’t know…

Is that in single player or co-op? Or on an actual server? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m wondering cuz I just noticed this in the constructor of mounts

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All the issues with 3.0 and this is your first post in 2 years? This is what captured your attention?
Jumped on to check, yup he got dangles, so stallion. But agree with

Being a farm boy I can assure you he keeps the gun put away till he’s ready to use it.


I just posted a code snippet from the game that castrates horses on dedicated servers and that’s all you can say? :joy:

When was horse endowment ever a thing on Conan? Been playing the game for 3 years now and never once new that lol

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It’s been a thing since horses were introduced. Horses have a random chance of being male or female when you place them. If male, the male bits are visible. Provided your nudity settings are on full anyway. And if there’s not something else weird going on that changes the rules for some people now.

There’s also an easter egg if you feed him a potion of endowment. Don’t go letting your imagination run wild though. It basically just makes him, eh, “dangle” for a little while. You’d see more in a PBS nature documentary.

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Yes… I saw the bits for that too… I found it a bit funny that there’s pages of code dedicated to a horse willy :smiley:


It will?

Well, I admit I didn’t know that. However, when I wrote yada yada is still there I meant something else being the twins BUT apparently that is gone as well.
I crafted 8 horses after the AoS dropped and it seems that all ended up being female. I have my settings of full nudity but nothing. I will try it again and see.

If you have a character on an official server, own horses and the junk is visible do tell the server number and I will make a character to take a look.

You’re living up to your name atleast


Is this going to be in the live stream?? A viewing party perhaps

I noticed my horse was endowed last week, not dragging it on the ground, but letting the world know that he is there. Not sure if can print and post it here lol

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I must mod out such castration. Otherwise the pirate dicksoup loses all meaning.


Anyone bother to check if the demonic, wight or decaying horse :face_vomiting: have bits?

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Well, you gave me a nice excuse to use @DeaconElie :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.