Horse penises attack


I apologize for the English. Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mind horses, I don’t mind penises, and I don’t even mind horses ’ penises. But what is it? is this how it should be? this horse scares me. I understand the love of developers for different penises, but can it not be so bright and diverse? Perhaps the game is not only about penises?

You are lucky, you got a stallion. Mine are all female, never seen one since they got introduced.

Even yesterday, his penis looked different, did not hang out and did not frighten others. I don’t know anything about horses, maybe it’s not a creepy ■■■■ movie, but it should be. But I’d rather leave the females, there are no such details.

Raise another one, the odds are that it will be a female. Btw give him a potion of endowment, I heard they get even longer :rofl:


No, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to forget what I saw.

I can vouch for the Potion of Endowment…now that’s horror you can’t unsee!

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That’s kind of what I was thinking happened is somebody gave the horse one of those potions. Not to get too graphic here, but as I recall normally the penis is fully “sheathed” and doesn’t make an appearance like that without the potion.

BTW, yeah, in real life they do sometimes just dangle like that. What do you expect? They’re horses. Trousers aren’t exactly a popular fashion item for them. :wink:


In real life, I can choose what details from the life of the penises of horses to be interested in. We are usually quite far apart from each other. Here I am, and there are horse penises far away. My thrall moves behind me like superman, it just flies on the surface without animation, constantly gets stuck and does not return even when teleporting. But my horse has a new penis. I’m just happy.

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When i was a child, my family went on Farm Holydays several times. It was a traditional farm in the mountains with all kinds of animals. There i learned many shocking things, and horse parts were of the lesser kind. The realism of Conan Exiles is admirable, but for sure it reduces the sales.

Consider yourself lucky that cleaning it is not part of the game.


Sounds like a mod to me.

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Interesting horse name…


Oh I doubt that. This horse part, for example, is only visible with nudity on, and I think it actually has to be on full as well. Also, you have to use the potion on the horse before it makes it’s appearance. Otherwise all you see is the jewels, which are quite visible all the time on most mammals. Have a pet cat or dog? There they are. Well, until you take them to a certain doctor for…ahem…a little “trim”.


Personally I would have gone with Singularity. Just has more of a name kind of feel to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

A for realism, stovepipe and all, normal stuff living with horses. In my tack room right now is a product called “Sheath Cleaner.”

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My thoughts are more like, there are parents who read in this game you can see certain things, and tell their kids to play something different. It doesn´t even matter how it is actually, because their imagination takes over. So perhaps the animal parts are only secondary. Actually i witnessed something like that, but maybe i am wrong.

it’s not what you think


Fair enough. Although that’s a bit like saying an R rating for a movie cost them ticket sales. You’re never going to be able to please everybody.

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The first time I saw this in my game, I didn’t know what to think so I did some research about it. It is true that stallions will let 'em hang out occasionally. (no big deal).
But since some update a while back, I’ve not seen another one since then (and I didn’t give it any endowment potion either).
Even with it sheathed, you can tell it’s a stallion because of the “other” hanging decorations.
So, take it with a grain of salt and be thankful this game doesn’t delve that deeply into realism or (if you happen to be female) you could get into real trouble depending on “that time” if a stallion senses you’re “in heat”.

From my horse farming notes…

You have 70-75% for male horse less then a 1% for super dong horse. And about 25-30 for female.(I do alot of farming for my blue spotted…

1-100ish odds. I see super dong, every 2nd or 3rd batch of horses I do. I’ve collected a few, so far nothing special about stats.