All White horses are now male!

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1000
Mods: None

Bug Description:

White horses always come out as male,I made 8 White Horses & when previewing where to place it has no genitals but once I place it auto becomes male… I am going to assume the black Horses are just as broke.

Bug Reproduction:

make a few new horses & spawn them

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Toxic masculinity?


Seems like this is intentional now or something, Funcom moved my report on this from Bug Reports to Feedback.




The “fix” I found was just putting nudity back to partial. :unamused:

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Actually it’s not just white horses all horses are now male, and it’s not like I’m looking for the genitals, but when you are stood next to your White horse putting stuff in the inventory a big black dong is really hard not to notice… but as I said ALL horses are now Male,

I have around 20 horses on 2 servers now with me & my tribe mate and some used to be female horses now all are male…


Omg I never thought about checking the sex of my horses hahaha xD

I only have black horses. But i heard that dudes who ride white horses with pink saddles eventually check the horses dong, its crazy story bro🦄

I always do… So I can choose a name based on gender haha


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Greetings Drysyn!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

Due to a recent update to our game, all the horses are indeed male according to the intended design :slight_smile:
Hope this clarifies all the doubts!

Continue conquering the lands!



So… no more female names?

No, I’m not going to practice gender fluid naming practices with my horses. :unamused:

This seems like a hamfisted response from the developers.

CSR: “What’s up with the horse dongs?”

Dev: “Just tell them it’s intended.”

CSR: “But why?”

Dev: “You heard me. Just tell them it’s intended.”

CSR: “ok.”

then might as well take horses out altogether, as you cannot explain how male horses are born…

In fact remove female charcters & Npc’s & the other Animals too so it’s as intended… Please tell the Dev’s to implement a proper fix instead of a half hearted attempt…

What if it’s related to the aow c3? There are speculations about pets receiving a rework…

That’s one invasive rework. :joy: Unless the next age is Age of Clones I’m not sure how that works.

Idk I’m just saying what other people said haha

For example its been said there’s a new mount coming

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A new mount would be excellent. I wouldn’t mind riding a bear, or a giant elk into battle.



:brazil: bug Conan Exiles :horse:

Entendo… Mas creio que não resolveu o problema de velocidade que as “éguas ou as fêmeas” estavam tendo dentro do jogo e por isso que foram removidas já faz alguns meses que isso aconteceu :thinking: espero que isso se resolva para poder ter todos os cavalos normalizados podendo usar tanto o macho quanto a fêmea