Mares still endowed

Platform: All
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: All
Server Type: All
Map: All
Server Name: All
Mods: None

Bug Description:

While wight horses were most affected by the endowment issue and were addressed in Hotfix 2, normal mares are still endowed.

Fixing wight horses was only the first step, don’t forget to finish the job.


we get it, hahaha roflmao potion of endowment funniest joke evar, now please restore the ability to have mares

I thought FC just removed all visually male animals during the last update/hotfix/patch/patch/patch cycle? I know that two of the stallions in my horse collection joined the three mares so now have five ‘mares’ - mounts renamed accordingly :slight_smile:

All of my mares are stallions now.

I too had to rename them. Lol

ROFL! My herd feels discriminated against :rofl:

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For boredom, did a test with 40+ horse placements to see if all mares and, yep, nary a stallion amongst them. I suspect that FC have indeed bowed to, and sanitised horses - besides, none of the other creatures are dimorphic.

I suspect your nudity settings are less than full. :wink:


Nah. But will check in case summink rolled back lol

Why was this moved to Feedback? It is a bug.

Maybe it isn’t a bug, ie. it’s working as intended.

I’ve been thinking much the same thing. What if the fix for elongated dongs on wight horses was related to flagging the horses different genders, so all horses are considered male now for the purpose of whether the goods are displayed or not.

The thing is, I’m not sure just how intentional it is because I’m pretty sure potions of endowment still only work on horses that are supposed to be male. I noticed this after throwing stacks of them I got out of a chest on separate occasions on two different horses. Simply put, they worked on one but not the other.

That’s just the new aged mares. Inclusiveness and all, etc. :tumbler_glass:

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