[3.0] Raiding with flying bats needs counter

as 3.0 added flying with bats now the raiders can swoop in your base ignoring anti-climb,
also they can fly in before raid time so archer thralls are completely useless as base defense.
So would it be possible to enable thralls to attack players in off raid hours?
And to make them a little bit more accurate.


Introduction of bats killed so many things in raiding or stealing from bases, add some kind of block, that prevents usage of bats and icebridges in some zone, and dropp people from bats if you fly into the zone.

I think funcom wanted to make make 80% of building spots completely useless. Bats are one thing but bats + lighting is the cheesiest thing they’ve added to the game to date.



I loved the bats, but they need to have 50% more stamina, because
they fly for a short time and we have to keep summoning them again.

Made it where we have to be base campers to avoid being raided, where is the fun in that? Like yeah I’m down to get raided but not wait around all raid hours to go farm / look for spells and do fun stuff. Especially with people with lives . Only good thing is that it’s like x8 right now on officials

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