I got raided by flyers and theres zero defense against this

So 3.0 updates out, first thing a very nasty clan on official pvp 1945 did was tame flyers and theres nothing anyone of the server could do to stop them. Im built pretty high up on a large pillar, tons of anticlimb, archers everywhere, but these guys ignored all of that by simply flying over our base, dropping down, slaying all the newly weakened archers, and bombing straight down through the base. Didn’t even have to knock. So, what’s the deal, how are you going to provide a new form of aerial offense but no way to defend against it. What’s the point of even making a stronghold now, what new items are even capable of handling aerial defense? I genuinely want to know because if there’s nothing than I might as well uninstall.


Supposedly just one hit of damage will drop someone off of a bat, but the problem with this is actually hitting them. Archer thralls need to have a longer range in general and not be blocked our own crenulations, then maybe there will be a little defence against bat guano attacks.


Facts, my archers failed to hit any of these guys, and considering one of the guys had 600 + health, he dropped from a much higher height and still destroyed all of my thralls. My base has zero defenses now unless I’m actually online to stop them myself. Thralls only serve a purpose now for dungeon raiding, they no longer have a practical use in base defense in pvp.


Just wanted to correct you on this point, fall damage is percentile, so more health doesn’t let you fall further.

my mistake, thanks for the clarification, still doesnt help that he can lose 200 health and have 400 to spare after fall damage lol.


Now that I think about it, the best way to currently defend against bat guanos is with a flat roof, covered in palisades. It should be too uneven to place things on and it’ll hurt their feet.


its even worst than that, in most of case server lag make stop ia thrrall, so when raiding, very often thralls are simply stuck and passiveand take lot of time to react. that the case for years and not hard to anticipate that what they introduced in 3.0 will simply make not viable any base or even hide out, so all pvp servers will be totally empty in few weeks, when there is nobody more to raid, and when there is no point to build a base because you know it will be gone in the evening and that there is no way to defend it…


Could it help if Guarding thralls received the benefit of the nearest offline player’s authority when no one in their clan is online/nearby? Obviously they’re still short range archers and weak AI, but at least they’d have buffed healing rates and damage output.


Hasn’t this been the case in PvP since the beginning?


Archers are useless. First they try to hit the bat, not the player himself. Second: the player is a moving target and the AI is not fast enough to calculate the players position correctly.

Palisades can make the raid a little longer, but since they can be damaged its only a matter of time until they break. If a clan is targeting some palisades specifically only thing they have to do is making some dummyflys until a part of the pallisades are gone. They also could do lightning storm first and then look where they can enter.

There is no defense to offline raiding and even if you are online you will get a hard time defending your base now.



You defended when you should have attacked. You got raided first so you lost. Raid first next time or keep losing. This is how you PVP.

When you defend, you cede initiative. Which makes you lose.

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@Taemien So you tell people now how pvp in this game has to be done? Interesting!

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I called this but people don’t listen. “ just place archers” they said ya right


With the archers I setup, usually the health of the enemy drops to half and dwindles down if it stays still. They aren’t useless. :laughing:


@Dzonatas You have a god bubble?

Are you new to the game? Thralls have NEVER provided any “base defense” when you’re offline. This is why I’m strong supporter of offline raid protection. Either that or make thralls just crazy strong or smart when guarding an area. Like, horses run from danger when they’re being hit or damaged. Thralls will cluster together under a raider who’s shooting arrows at them and slowly die from poison…(at least they died together in battle)

You will enjoy this game MUCH BETTER when you stop getting attached to your buildings and thralls.

I get offlined almost daily. I kid you not. Though I think they’re giving up as of late. lol. My build designs are always PvE style because well it’s fun and absolutely HATE these ugly blocks of crap PvPers call bases. We NEVER leave anything in the base. We NEVER use “epic” armor on our thralls and we NEVER go out of our way to find named thralls. We can process about 30 thralls in a day because we grab only T3s or above. They convert quickly. Then we armor them at an Improved bench (meaning no hardened leather to make) and take them out to level them up. They also level up pretty easy.

Overnight, if they kill them all…We didn’t lose anything but garbage armor, and they’ve wasted bombs on the garbage they probably throw out of their base and we’ve repaired our PvE design in about 5 min. Then we just carry on about our daily game play…gathering thralls and materials and coming up with even more creative designs.

As of the 3.0 this is even more powerful with the huge improvement in material gathering. If you spec yourself correctly you can completely rebuild pretty large bases REALLY fast if you need to.

Nothing will frustrate griefers more than to have them use a bunch of bombs to get sticks and dung or to come back to look for more and everything they blew through has been replaced. I love it.

ROFLOL. Literally the silliest thing I’ve read today. Our clan has NEVER lost a defense against a raid…as long as we’re online. Defending has all the power when some schmuck decides to raid you. This is why there is so much offline raiding. Online raiders will more than likely lose.


Sounds like a waste of time

OP disagrees. Apparently he watched as attackers just tore him down to nothing in front of him. Maybe you should have helped him.

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