They have broken the game with the flying bats

Hi exiles, in my opinion they have broken the game, making you fly with flying bats… buildings on top or on pillars no longer make sense, nor does it make sense to use spikes if they can fly… it’s quite broken, you can’t do anything against them flying with the bat… they should fix this, nerf them, remove them or some solution to prevent them from falling on your height base.

and the storm lightning is also very rotten, nothing can be done against them… you have broken the game


The title seems rather harsh :stuck_out_tongue:
My server / game has flying bats too yet it is not broken :joy:
What I mean is… is this supposed to be a PvP only “nerf bats!” post? (also I heard landmines on the roofs can be effective)


The title might seem harsh but when a newly introduced mechanic breaks long established tactics to this extent I can see the OP’s point of view.

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Get better archers.


Creo que todavía no lo has probado, pero no sirven los arqueros, suben como nada arriba del todo, y cuando están arriba lanzan los truenos y te destrozan la base…mírate un vídeo porque está rotisimo…por lo menos que metan algo para poder defenderte de los rayos.

You talking about the nerfed thralls? hahaha.

I’m talking about building up archers to be archers. All it takes is one hit and some one will be plummeting to the ground.


Flying bats, icebridges, lightning storm, corrupted effects being cheesed with glutton for punishment and steel hewed perks for invulnerability… where does it end.

Archers can only stop bats during raid times (assuming they hit). Bat can be used before raid time to land on a base and then lightning storm to obliterate it.


Archer AI is terrible especially overtop

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I never expected them to do their job. was just refuting the claim that they are a hard counter to bats.

Actually the god bubble interrupts the bat flight.
But that doesn’t prevent players from using slowfall and flying above the bubble to drop gently on the base.
Also for everybody who says that lightning can not be countered is wrong, you can counter with any environment spell, i prefer creeping darkness.
And you can build in shelter spots and lighting won’t be really an issue.

Yes the pvp aspect has extremely changed, but i think its not that bad that nearly every base is now raidable.

Honestly never had so much fun and action in pvp as in last few days, and we played the first 3 years since Early Access pvp without breaks. Raiding felt slow and too much time consuming for only 5 hours raid time. God bubble and repairing and you was nearly invincible in some spots. Can now get rid of annoying vault spam easy.

And its easy to get up with 4x harvesting and harvesting spell now anyway.

What i do not like is the thrall hp nerf, i think just damage against players would have been fine.
They are currently not anymore worth the effort to rank up or even tame in my opinion. Takes too long for pvp. Otherwise can now reroll the stats once its ranked up to max out the hp, but well.
Anyway not a fan of thralls coz they always stand in my way lol.

Sure they gonna have to take care of a bunch of bugs, like the broken splash damage of bombs, arrow equipping, transportory invulnerability and some more…

Shall see what time brings… :slight_smile:

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No one is saying that. Yes the spell can stop it but why are we promoting sitting in base all raid time? You have to call that spell within 10 seconds of even hearing someone doing lighting

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Everyone keeps repeating the same things… yes you can hide or build in 1 of 5 caves. What about all the other spots? Do you really think they intended make so many building spots useless? The game is known for raiding bases, in a month of this current meta there won’t be any bases.

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and do you play the game on pvp offi ? and if not why are you doing this comment ?, because in 90% of the case their ia is stuck due to server lag; and if u use slow fall from very high, you can be sure your archer will do nothing

Sounds like a server issue not a thrall issue. Maybe funcom needs to improve archer AI.

No I don’t play PVP, if I want to play a game were every one has this “there can be only one” attitude and will hack and exploit to win, I’ll play a battle royal.

But to me it doesn’t sound like the problem is the bats. Hell even the login animation shows people raiding with bats, so that is their intended purpose. To me the problem sounds like bad archer AI. A T3/4 archer thrall kitted for agility bonuses should only have a 1% chance of missing. This would also cure the drop in problem. If no part of your roof was out of an archers range they would never get a spell off.

To sum up, my opinion is the bats aren’t the problem, crap archer AI is.


I love how everyone is always lumped into this category. It’s pvp if there is a exploit in ANY pvp game there will be those who use it. The fact that there are cheats and exploits is 100% on funcom. Let’s be clear there is a large amount of players who do not need to cheat in a game.


All it takes is one. :wink:

You’d be surprised how ill-tolerated cheaters are on Officials. I generally maintain server neutrality, because my main goal in life is to destroy cheaters. Some people exist on servers as cleaning mechanisms.

There are also grey areas: if you’re playing in a clan and your base is underwater, is it not your responsibility to explain a glitch that lets enemies have forever breath? Is the base defender who resorts to this exploit tactic – is he as bad as someone who uses a Magnet Hack? I submit Officials are places to enjoy, and to learn about all these questions.

Best Conan PVP I have played was a private server that was PVE-C, and weekends were open hunting :smile:

I agree in a game where besides thickness the only defense is anticlimb giving raiders an cheap easy way to surpass your main defense is broken , the bat needs a nerf or a change I think it should only be able to fly either in a straight line like the ice bridge or be uncontrollable and you just have to deal with where the bat takes you.