Lightning storm raid review

Ok so I tried the LS in a raid and wow. I love this thing. It is something to be in awe of and I, personally, don’t believe you need to adjust much. Yes it means that base designed need to be altered but no more than keeping avatars in mind. I don’t believe the damage or the size needs to be changed and the effects are freaking cool.

However I did see some issues with it and these could be the surprise that @den had when it came out as how effective the Lightning storm is.

  1. While you get trouble casting it if you are not in an open area, the bolts themselves go straight through building and mesh (through the caves). I would correct that and have it target mesh spots until it hits an obstruction (building or mesh) and then it area damages around that.
  2. While casting it and running to a safe spot, I got targeted with a strike. I was still getting hit even a grid square away from the storm. This is suggesting to me that there is a locking aspect that never lets go of the target. So this is where I think building damage is getting its bump in this spell. I was hit constantly every 10-15 sec (sometimes I healed it with glutton or punishment and one time I didn’t get enough time and died)
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100k damage in one strike for a spell that costs you almost nothing, and you dont think damage has to get fixed?



more than 100k

With all dear respect, you are insane.

Btw the skill does way more dmg and way more aoe than it should according to den‘s explanation.

So the skill is bugged

Moot point. LS got nerfed. Congratulations.


With today’s patch

I wonder if this resolves those pvp issues.

It probably will. So the entrenched alphas remain safe again. There will definitely be an uptick in reporting again. I hope FC has the staffing to handle it.

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Its not “nothing”. Getting sacrificial blood en masse is actually pretty timeconsuming, and time is the most valuable commodity of all. I wanted to comment on this regardless of the effectiveness of the actual spell.


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Do you not understand that the skill was bugged ? It wasn’t balanced in the slightest and they had to fix the bugs and now they can adjust the spell carefully…

Sorry but my clan did not enjoy to have 1 person to sit in base all raid window because of the possibility that one guy flys to our base and gets a luckY storm off that opens the base…

And no it was not about building differently, the issue was that it didn’t matter how you build. I seen a single bolt hitting the top of our base destroying multiple walls ceilings and pillars.
And we allrdy tried to build as effective as possible but it simply didn’t matter. Huge crater in the top of our base through multiple layers of ceilings walls and pillar
The spell wa extremely unpredictable because of the bugs… and everyone that did abuse it, were not better than Someone meshing etc… in the end bugabusing is bad behavior aswell

Are you trolling? Sacrificial blood you need 1/pouch. It’s not time consuming at all. And definitely not compared to how much damage LS do/did to a base. Farming a full base and building it up is time consuming.

Yep Salt because It’s a fact…this was a glimmer of hope that small clans and solos can actually usurp alpha’s that were entrenched…the builds out there from more seasoned players take about 6 hours to crack into…which happens to be to be the raid window. When you neuter away the option for someone to solve things themselves, they have to rely on the authority to do it for them.

Yeah yeah yeah…‘new players are affected the worst’…no they weren’t. New players have less than 30 days xp. New players aren’t entrenched to the number of 30k foundations. This was flat out whining about balance from the very same people that dominates servers with iron fists…if you’re lucky, they wait till they see t3 buildings first. And I know for a fact in no less than 3 servers, that these alpha’s are using risk vs reward on ToS compliance with the idea that they can get a easily a month of security, assuming they can get to it in general as I, along with others, have had reports bounce back saying they didn’t have time to investigate.

So here I am standing with a group of friends that are back into the game and they are now demoralized because we started the raiding with one set of rules and now, two days later, the rules have changed and we can’t do anything because these guys have owned the server for well over 3 years. PLAYERS are demoralized.

Am I the only one that noticed that a very large majority of the ‘LS is breaking the game’ were folks that haven’t posted since 2018? That should scream what is actually going on in that these YEARS old bases that no one can actually crack in one shot were at risk and so the crying starts…

I want folks to actually post, Literally put it in their own words, that the PVP experience should have raiding play that means going 100 meters in game should take 3 hours to do. Because that is what is going on. Especially in cave bases. No one has a right to claim the word “balance” if they live in a base that is this entrenched.

So yeah I am a bit salty over this decision because

  1. This seems to be a 180 from the design changes of the game in the past year that was pushing for max interactions and chaos as buildings go up and down quickly to reserving.
  2. Changing the rules without advance warning this significantly demoralizes players that are entering the game because its very clear that it’s cowtowing to vets that are entrenched and fear loosing their stuff.
  3. It enforces the dominance of large clans and inhibits casual play.

I said this 1000 times and will say it again. PVP isn’t dying because of additional content that creates more conflict. It’s dying because it limits these due to a small but vocal minority.


Servers that do not reset never remain balanced. Fact is that you have bases that are years old. Some there from the launch date. Sure these guys high five each other but at what costs? The new players that come in do so with extreme hesitation because there is no way they are getting a fair shot. This is not balance. This is the exact opposite of balance. When I was forced to transfer, I built hidden and tested out two visible bases…both were wiped in a matter of a week. Offlined by the two alpha clans. You don’t get to virtue signal the word “balance” if you believe that is cool.

Without an easy way to destroy those entrenched, the PVP experience is doomed. you need to remove the entrenched or you need to increase the damage potential of those coming in. What I have seen in this update and reaction is that there is a very vocal contingent of PVPers that actually just want to play PVP-C because they don’t want to loose their stuff and will cry foul if it happens. It’s been roughly a month that this dynamic was introduced and now it’s significantly nerfed because you got some old timers whining that they lost their digital junk. So we are just going to ignore all of the new and intermediate players that left the game because some clan sitting on high deemed these new palyers as worthy of cracking open their 5000 dp supply and destroy what they have done in the 3 months they were on “their” server? Right…tell me again about balance.

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Balanced compared to…?

I think that explo jars are easier to get than the top tier of sorcery which lightning storm requires (due to requirement of dragonhorn).

And as Erjoh pointed out, the lightning storm allows fewer, newers players assaulting super-entrenched old bases. I think this is fine, since its better that stuff gets dynamically attacked and rebuilt than some people sitting behind lag-inducing massive constructs feeling safe.

And no, Im not trolling. I literally think its ok that old, entrenched massive bases actually CAN be attacked without you recruiting your entire contacts list to Conan to raid it.

The natural habitat of an exile is crucified on a tree of woe owning nothing but potentially their loincloth. Those ginormous bases? Not really ok imo.

we understand that all people who were abusing this exploit (as it was a bug) are sad but no, it take more time to craft dragon powder and to farm it, and it take time to place bomb to, and to craft it, which allow to a defender possibility to kill you and take your bomb because he has more than 15 seconds to react before too late.

if you want to destroy the work of an other player, simply farm for it and spend time needed (but no, the i raid with a glitch that allow me to do infinite bomb without having to farm for it is finished, the i am nuking the whole server naked with LS that cost me 2mn of farming is finished), now you can still use a lot of LS (but it will take you time) or farm for 1 or 2 gods (but you will have to play and farm for it)

you can also do 5000 dp if you farm for it and learn to survive as the others learned to do it before you.

you can also may be invest some time to learn more about the possiblity of the siege system, and you will realize that a solo player can destroy any base if he invest time to do it (because between sorcerry, arrows explosive and gaz, bombs and trebuchets, and gods, there is no base on conan world that can survive) and this a solo player pvp that is talking to you.

and if you spend more than 2 months on a pvp servers, you will realize that problem is not player that have defensive base, that to the contrary give an interest to the game, and harder they are to raid, better it is, it’s called a challenge. because if you spend some time on a pvp server you will meet some people playing not by the same rules than you, and you will realize this is the main and only problem on pvp server.

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I want you on the record to tell me that PVP means we should have to deal with going 100 m in the game in 3 hours because that is what perfectly compliant base designs that have years worth of revision tweaks can do with current raid mechanics. That isn’t a game anymore, that is a F-ing tedious job, and work that can be completely nullified in 2 minutes of building and repairing from mats the defender has collected over the years and you will lose me and many many others playing PVP because of it.

It’s about the game interactions and this is going to kill PVP more than help.

a game is a balance beetwen defense and attack, if someone had to spend 40h to build a base you need to spend some time to destroy it.

if too complex for you, don"t know, go raid t1.
and no you don"t need to invest 100h to do gods or a lot of LS, but for sure it will now take more than 5mn

ibut you have to realize that pvp servers were about to be totally empty because base building was no more viable because of those glitchs and that raiding was not even more interesting because so easy…


its never going to be better for you because the problem is within your own mindset, people entrenched are there because they came first / fought for it, map will always have better base spots, better players, players that just farm more or want it more.

I have dethroned alpha’s with my old clan by merely beating them in open battle (mostly defensive raids) repeatedly, until they lost so much legendary gear, so many leveled thralls, they lost all will to continue playing.

Hell if you are determined there is not a clan you cant frustrate at the very least, just go farm stone and fire catapults at their base for 6 hrs solid.


They practically were there already. Something has to be done to shake it up because you have a handful of very active thunderdome servers and then servers that contain maybe…5 “active” players and I use the term loosely because from what I see…they come on, reset timers, run around a lot and scouting and then breaking open anything they find. Players coming in don’t have the resources that these guys do and so they eventually die off.

Let me put it another way…the current mentality that you are supporting is driving PVP down in player numbers. Supporting the status quo in that will not help the game in the least and truth be told…it’s worth risking veteran support if they are actively pushing new players away which the numbers do actually show they are.


and so raid them, do a god, do 15 LS

build a hidden base they will not find, explore map to do so, play ! but in a balanced game.