Are you guys serious with the lighting spell !?

Funcom “devs” literally trolling at this point.

It takes a few lightning spells to destroy any base.

This has 100% not been tested in pvp and if yes then i want some of the acid you guys took aswell for the next weekend, jesus how can you implement this into the game and think thats okay.

And probably it will take them months to change something, i remember the bomb dupe from last year, it took us about 2 months of heavy reporting and even youtube videos with instructions on how to dupe for them to react, i cant even imagin how long we have to wait for this shit to get fixed, makes no sense to play on a official pvp server right now.

Just remove building damage from the LS!


Known issue. It is bugged with too much damage. They have acknowledged (thats what I’ve read anyway) and know its too much damage by accident.

any source for their respond / aknowledge

Relax this is definitely gonna be changed to appropriate way (i thinks still damaging but around same way as orbs)…
Lighting is not intended to be against walls, so they didn’t test it at all (… well well well)
and lets hope devs are change and tweak other ISSUES too… :melting_face:

if it isnt them breaking the game even more its the hackers so… good luck

I hope lightning storm stays as it is. At least continue doing building damage if maybe nerfed a little bit. Its not like you have to use it at all other players or clans. It´s a strategic weapon. For long time big clans have been able to troll small clans without any danger of revenge, and thats not balanced pvp. Now also big clans also have to think twice before making enemies.


how did they troll you?

because you think there is no toxic players that will mass use it to wipe anything they encounter from a small t1 hut to a massive defensive t3 base ?

and actually in most of the case this is big clan that use it on little clan and solo players to totally erase their base and make despawn all their assets, i had 2 solo bases on 2 differents servers totally wiped, which means land free, i hope you will enjoy when it will come to you.

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I call it trolling when a big clan in a monster base with always online players and a protection bubble raid my base over and over again anywhere I move.

Some people call it pvp, but I call it trolling. Because as a solo player there was 100% no chance for me to do any harm to them. I like the fact that also big alpha clans now have some worries.


I said the opposite. Toxic players have always been wiping everything they see. Of course it have already come to me, only difference now it was first time possible to do revenge

and i said the opposite to you, you think that those toxic will not use the LS too, what revenge you will take with people with no base ? because you don"t need a base to do and use LS.

I am a solo player playing for 5 years since early access, i was always able to save part of my assets before LS, and often destroyed big clan, with LS no hide out inside a base can survive, so it will be total wipe

Nope, didnt say that. Toxic people WILL continue to be toxic, with bombs, avatar and LS. But you have to admit the most typical toxic people on a server is the big alpha clan, not the solo guy.

Of course it happens, soloplayers/small clans just want to destroy and be toxic, dont play the game. But the issue in conan have always been that big alpha clans dominate a server completely and dont let other people access the server. Thats why I think many clans now have to think twice before trolling a solo player. Like you say, how to wipe a guy without base.

Ive also been soloplayer for years, and see the problem with hiding stuff. But you will always find places to hide, fake main base and so on… But I hope they nerf LS somehow, so it doesnt wipe foundations completely, just open bases.

There are like a dozen topics on this though including one with a reply from Dennis, the lead designer, so there wasn’t really much need to start a new one :slight_smile:

With that being said though, I think it’s a case of them having different ideas of what “broken” is. From his reply we found out 2 things.

One of them was that LS will continue to do building damage and that aspect of it won’t be removed regardless of the amount of “LS shouldn’t do building damage” posts. Their intention for it was to deal building damage, so that part is staying.

The other thing was that they are testing it and looking at the numbers internally, but they are not seeing an actual “bug” as of yet.

To me his reply seemed to imply that they think players are presenting this in a very exaggerated manner simply because it’s the “new thing” that changes the meta and now there’s one more raiding tool to annoy them and speed up raiding.
I personally think the reason for this is that they’re looking at one storm and the damage that it does in isolation, they are not looking at 10 storms in a row as they probably think multiple storms in a row should simply never happen if you’re defending your base… - however I think if that’s the case they should definitely disable offline raiding.

In any case, they’re aware and looking at the damage numbers so there is most likely going to be some balancing around the potential spike damage it can deal.

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Oh, here’s the post btw:

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Yeah because building damage was disabled on testlive PvP servers :wink:


i even dont get why all winning about lightning storm cast the cloud and conter it easy cheap cast

@Bearhunter You clearly haven’t read the arguments about that. Not to mention there’s a bug in the game when casting both at the same time you can fall thought the world

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i dont need to read them because i know pvp in conan is only offline raiding and that even means its dosent matter what you use for it jars orbs or lightning storm !!
Best counter cast tthe cloud that cancel the storm
And #no save zone for alphaclans

Well, I for one did not wipe my lightening out on every block on my siptah server in a single night. I for sure did not use this lightening spell for doing just that… I mean watching every base melt into broken shattered blocks … I didn’t do that :slight_smile: I mean, i did not farm bloods for just 3 hours, so i could cast 345 lightening spells, That is just silly lmao.


even one storm can blow half of an entire building, but i agree with you i think they still not have looked seriously how broken it is.

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