Lighting spell too op/ laggg


I don’t know if this was intentional but the lightning spell towards bases is way to op. There isn’t really a place to build anymore unless you re in a cave base…… in game structures all the benches get destroyed. It’s fine if it does damage on the our side but inside? On top of that it absolutely destroys bases . But also side note bombs don’t work and the screen freezing/blue screen is happening way to much still . Especially in big group fights around other peoples bases. Please we need more hot fixes game is almost there but still needs lots of balancing and work to be done

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You can actually see how many times I DC cause I would re borax cast games and it shows my screen freeze

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You can counter lightning spells easily and make them going to waste.

But i totally agree that they should fix the freeze. But also the loading screens. Just today i closed my game like 25-30 times. To fix the loading screen over and over. (This might be still a low guess on the amount of times.)

I cool with the lightning doing building damage, but it shouldn’t be going through the prices and breaking all your benches . And if you have a god bubble it should at least weaken the damage on where ever it is covering. I think it does way too much damage tbh Ann’s so what all of raid I’m going to be base camping to avoid being attacked by lightning? Some people are solos or small clans.

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Hey man, i tested alot of it and i totslly agree.

This lightning stuff should be taken out of the game in general.

The dam, docks, aquaduct, gutter, ice cave etc. All good spots but completly useless.

You cant claim the full base spots on top to slow down the dmg. Because if people report you, you get banned.

Today my team messages me 4 minutes after raid time did start and guess what. 5 out of 9 ceiling on our altar did he destroyed with 1 lightning strike.

The lightning strike meshed through the game structure into our base.

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Yea lightning strike against bases is the only meta for raiding now. Why bother with bases when a lvl 20 with a sorcery bench can wipe weeks, if not months of hard grind in 5 minutes with very little skill. The only viable counter is to sit at home during raid hours which isn’t particularly fun.

Simple solution:

In a PvP game don’t spend weeks building a base. Go actually play PvP! Build a quick base out of the way that is purposed for PvP play and don’t try and obtain dominion over the land - or do so at your own risk!

I think this new way is great! It’ll keep the hoard-hoes down and the servers running smooth - or at least smoother.

a mad hording twit-clan calling themselves “alpha”, that’s a game I wanna play! Hell yeah!

Everyone has different definition of pvp. Some like to fight players while others like to raid bases. Some also like to test how great the base they made are vsing players. This destroy the moral of the players that like building period. In short, why build at all if it is all pvp?

Attack and defending is hella fun now raid times you are forced to base camp , I feel bad for any solo players or small clans especially if they have a life they can’t really play like that anymore, even with all the resource boosts , it’s still a lot to farm regardless of it


Those 30 man clan are just going to wipe servers easier now. Kinda takes the fun out of the game for me when you can’t do anything to defend anything greater than 5 > 1

Yeah, we understand that you is noob

this game is dead, i dont know what devs think to take this sh’t in the game

The damage should be more like dragon fire barrage from the treb. Area effect but takes quite a bit to really damage a large base.

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i think you are simply not a player and wonder why you are commenting on feedback of real player, good luck with a dead game.

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