Lightning Storms ruining PvP

Dear Readers,

i Just wanted to let you know that the lightning storm spell is extremly broken for PvP Servers. IT shouldnt do structure damage. Solo Players can Just Ruin days and days of hard Grind of multiple people Just by Casting lightning spells which in fact are very cheap. Also god bubble doesnt Project from Storms either there is No way. Players are Just flying in the roof of a Base with the bat and then Casting a lightning spell

Pls hotfix this


If you have your own sorcerer you can counter it. The Darkness and fog area spells will cancel the storm outright.


I was looking for that post, this is insane no base is viable. one storm and all your base is wide open, this needs to be fixed asap

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I totally agree, please don’t leave this as it is. It’s a horrible feature in PVP that nullifies the need for trebuchets and explosives. It’s not well balanced at all. The only people that say the opposite are those who fly around and use it themselves. Bias.

How exactly is it balanced when you can break the inside of someones base without even getting past 1 door?


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…the effects of the spell are on display and still creates quite an illusion of OP?

Foundations explode under the spell. More foundations that explode at the same time suddenly makes it only seem OP. Given a ceiling full of foundations above, i’m sure it’ll eat quite a bit under the storm.

If there are no foundations to explode, then it appears to go through walls.

Nah. It’s OP because it breaks stuff inside bases without touching the outside.

For instance Keyhole, Crevice, Gutter and Ice cave all suffer this problem. A door won’t be touched but you can nuke the inside of those locations with the storm.

I’ve had it happen to my base and I’ve done it to others.

I defended against lightening using darkness, they cast it 10 times. A couple bolts got through. And, a 5x5 section of the base 6 double floors high from top to bottom was completely evaporated. You can’t baby sit a base during all of raid time. And, a single person can fly up and cast that spell and completely demolish the base.

How? Do you mean they are casting it on top and the lightning is going right through the walls?

This clip was taken from my base on an official server. The base is in the Deserters Gutter with a hanging base inside the middle of it. Both the north and south entrances are filled in with doors and honeycomb.

Some people summoned a lightning storm on the northern side of the gutter outside and 1 strike broke a Garrison Armour bench, Heat Efficient furnace, Improved armourer bench, 2 Tanning tables, a tinkers table AND an improved Blacksmith bench on the floor under the main level. Plus 20 or so chests for those respected benches.

You can see the flash in the clip from the storm and all those loot bags are from those benches/chests breaking from 1 strike.


are u allow to build here on offficial? its point of interest location marked on map?

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On my last read of the TOS I didn’t see anything about not to build in map marked locations so i’d assume you’re allowed to build in there.

but a marked location is a point of intereset right? and that goes against TOS? im just trying to figure out if i can build in that spot aswell without getting punish since i read so many on this forum saying they got banned from gutter base


The bans are probably more to do with the fact it’s quite a large build land claim wise and with all the building pieces required it’s a bit laggy. not because it’s a poi

You either get deleted by funcom, hackers or play privates :slight_smile:

While this one is generally not in favour of nerfs and the spell can be countered with any other environmental spell…
There are also 10 bottled thunderstorms in the Battle pass. Which, if hoarded judiciously and used in a coordinated manner, is just begging for abuse.

Honestly, this one would prefer if God bubbles hedged out sorcery. It seems the natural counter, protective magic to keep out hostile magic. It almost makes more sense than the bubbles turning aside boulders and rocket arrows.
On the other hand, the devs likely want to show off sorcery, that was the stated purpose of the spells in jars from the non paid portion of the battle pass, so little will stand in it’s way at least for now.
Age of Sorcery and all.

This one is usually on the offense and rarely bothers with fortifications, and while this does make that style much easier… It roams into the too easy territory. There is, at best, fleeting satisfaction in burning through tissue paper.

As matters stand, the best counter is either a sit at home sorcerer to guard the base while the rest of the clan raids…
Or a dedicated captain of the guard who has their own sorcery globes to use as counters, again, sitting at home while on guard and vigilant to end anyone approaching.
While realistic and an interesting balancing act…
The change to how things are done is a bit sudden.

The apparent verticality of the spell and it’s ability to strike into subterranean places is both appropriate for illustrating how utterly unnatural sorcery is, and a complete reinvention of what well protected means in a base.


The fact you’re stalking me on this website while never being able to compete with me in game is pretty weird.

stay small.

Remember the fact that you also can break the base of a soloplayer with lightning storm. For long time its only been the big clans breaking days of hard work of soloplayers, and the small clan/soloplayers couldn´t do anything in revenge. Its a fair game now! But many people think fair game is unfair :smiley:

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I agree lightning is ruining pvp. It is too easy to get and does massive damage to bases. And unlike Avatars there is no warning that it is about to be used or even that it has been used on the map. It is also too quick to cast the spell. What i would suggest is making the lightning spell less destructive, more expensive to craft (1000 sacrifices each) the spell caster should also be shown on the map with a delay of at least one minute with a possible cool down before another lightening spell can be cast. Also the defensive spells should not require corruption so that players can concentrate on actual pvp. Funcom hopefully you can fix this before it destroys the game.

Issue is that LS hurts smaller clans much more than 10/10 clans…

The whole magic crap has ruined PvP! Bat gliders and ice bridges so you don’t have to destroy fences anymore or even climb on a base. Just fly on top and start bombing an easier way in. I have yet to test if the invisibility works also on thralls, but if it does then guards in your base are also useless now. Not to mention the corpse recall, you can loot yourself full of stuff, go somewhere safe, remove bracelet and just spell the loot back to your base. This is absolutely brainless, it’s obvious that the developers aren’t actual players.