No Sorcery buff for Season 2

Very dissapointing to see you leave sorcery in such a bad shape…

what happened mate?

Lightning Storm doesn’t do 100,000 damage on a near miss anymore. Exacerbated by a bug (that was fixed) that allowed a bolt to clip through and hit the ground in the middle of a base and wreck everything around it.

They should have left it just like that on Single Player! At least until I went to the Mounds and wreck havoc upon those pricks, cooking them alive with lightnings!
I’m joking, obviously. That spell was OP as…
But now it’s kind of worthless it seems…

Ironically it wouldn’t do that much damage to a person. I think it was 256 on near miss and 512 on direct hit to a NPC/Player. Or reversed, I can’t remember.

But direct hits for buildings was 6,000 damage. For some reason it was 100,000 on a near miss and progressively got less if I read it correctly. But still enough destruction to blow up a 3x3ish square of T3 foundations.

Couple with the bug, it could blow a 3x3 square at a weakspot (that normally wouldn’t be a weakspot against normal attacks) and tear down half a building.

I was joking @Taemien , but yeah, that thing couldn’t stand. I knew it was good against buildings, but not so much against npcs, which made it just a fun gimmick for pve. :wink:

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