Lightning Storms ruining PvP

Completely broken

No it really doesn’t. We don’t build defensive structures because we can’t defend said structures against a clan of 10. Sorry but we can’t and so this is our one shot to have something to counter the megaclans and so naturally, its op and needs to be removed.

I’ll concede a counter should be made that is 100 HP durability called a lightning rod. The catch? Anything between the lightning rod and the lighting goes boom so no thinking it can be hidden in the layers of a borg base.

one strike deleted 12X12X20 black ice foundations, walls, gates(about 8)… 12 layers poof gone in an instant. In icespire chasm… Completely broken

You are completely misinformed and ignorant on how op this spell is, sorry.

This games only geting worse with the insane official rates now shoud put it back to 2× and remove magic well the bat and lightning 2 broken spells im a solo and a small tribe player i hate this so much and the new bombs duck they do nothing droped 25 bombs on a black ice door and it was still there and the dupeing bug has made things even worst worst update then the horse update and that was terrible nothing worst they a 10 man no skill horse tribe but this is even worst and why are u baning people funcom take away them terrible rules only thing that should be banable should be meshing other then that leave people bases alone in pvp no wonder the only tribes i fight are noobs because anyone that knows what there doing u just ban because they build a base

I completely agree that the lightning storm is braking the pvp there is no effort needed to craft bombs or set up a raid base and fight for your loot and the banning for no reason what so ever is pointless as well you make it easier to attack a base with storms and flying and harder to defend a base because your not allowed to build big basses or multiple basses how are you ment to survive on conan i cant see people sticking with conan if they cant even defend there bases anymore

Really surprised they went with this spell. Would have expected duration buffs or dots or vulnerability to explosives, but a straight up “I cast this and break the base” is a bit much. Absolutely brutal for offline raids.

I support rethinking this spell.

i am not a specialist in Conan lore so i may not get the following totally correct. But was magic not used by humans to fight the Gods? If this is correct then why not make lightening into a base only defence spell that only damages Gods? This would actually add fun to pvp rather destroy it…

Nah. Gods were never really active players in Conan lore. Mitra and Jhebbal Sag may have meddled, in a subtle way (in Black Colossus and Beyond the Black River, respectively), but other than that, gods weren’t really present. Walking avatars are strictly an Exiled Lands thing, and as Conan comments, they’re not real gods, but creations of people.