Lightning spell should get NERFED! [ALL PLATFORMS]

Hello conan players.

I was one of those people that told others that they shouldnt complain about lightning.
But from all the base spots on Exile lands there is only 1 spot where the lightning doesnt go through the structures and mesh.

Whats the goal of our game right now? If we put tons of claim around our structures, we will get banned.
If we dont, 1-2 lightning strikes will destroy our altars and 20% of the base inside.

Remembers those days when cheaters did go undermesh and destroyed your base from the inside. Whats the difference with this lightning going through our mesh/structure?

Like really Funcom, i love the game. I love the new update pvp wise.

But this lightning is to much and even of Funcom didnt ban for putting loads of claim to protect our bases from getting meshed by lightning. Than the bat can still fly on top of that and it will take 2 strikes more.

And we all know, pvp hours should be fun. So camping our base with a counter spell isnt gonna be worth it.
Ill get it, a base can be raided any time.
But a base that totally got rekt in 15 mins isnt how this game would go forward.

We tested multiple spots.
Docks, dam, gutter, ice cave, eye that never closes. Aquaduct.

All of them can be destroyed on the inside and no damage at the outside with just a few lightning.


I don’t play pvp but that sounds crazy. :ok_hand:

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I believe something will be tweaked with it but not before they figure out the current game breaking issues. Will probably be to late though as many will leave when they figure out bases are pointless in the current meta.

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Hey sestus2009,

Thanks for your response.

Here is a video from the dam G10 for example.

Im playing for a good few years, together with my main clan wich some of us have over 10k hours.

Our game knowledge is massively, but we are out of options. Base locations that used to be the best are bad at the moment.

Just to give you a idea of how bad it is.

We have 5 hours that enemies can attack our base on officials. 4 minutes after raid time did start, my team messaged in our clan chat that someone tried to raid us.
5 out of the 9 ceilings in our base (Gutter) in the middle of that base spot, got destroyed by 1 lightning spell.
Just 1.

It will be to late.
This update was a hit or miss and as far as it looks now. It seems a miss.

They fixed invisibillity, they fixed dcing when using magic.

They gave us ps3 loading screens on ps5.
They gave us a spell that destroys a base within 4 minutes (No joke, my team did send me pictures 4 minutes after raid time did start and it was almost gone) the spell is as easy as farming a iron tool when you just joined a server.

Stuff like this should be turned off, till its fixed.

Avatars kept dcing servers, so they took them out.
The lightning is meshing into people their bases, destroying 4x5 in 1 go.

I preffer getting meshed by 3 cheating players, because i can defend myself against that. But 3 lightning spells on most locations and i would just leave that server and eventually even the full game sadly.

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