Buff lightning storm - nerfed to hard

Can we have some clarrification if LS was meant to be how it is now, or if its going to be looked at again after the other priorities have been addressed?
Currently useless, when all that really needed to be corrected was the 100k blasts


Im curious what IS the intended behaviour… what was it supposed to have been used against? People? Structures? Nothing?

There are still spells that are flat out useless, such as reveal corruption that does absolutely nothing. Some devblog explaining the design intent would be good.



I personally would like a spell that can be used against structures, instead of carrying dozens of bombs with my flimsy 50% penalty full corruption sorcerer. There is definitely a need for it.

Whether the spell needs to go through geography and OMGWTFBBQROFLSTOMP any T3 base is a different matter. The problem with the spell is that striking points are random… so if its too low damage it may end up doing “not enough” damage.


well not agree, if you launch 15-25 ls you can blow any base, farm 25 ls still less time than a god, and having to launch approx 20 to open a base give luck to defender.

Ls are now clearly mean to be used with other siege system mecanism, mix of bomb, exp arrow and LS.

and the ultimate is god which is normal knowing the time it take to farm and use a god.

and LS has still a very efficient effect as 5-10 LS will simply destroy all placeables inside a base, so if u want to do a bad surprise to alpha and despawn their chest u can do. so of course balance can still be tweaked, but in regard of time that others offensive weapons take to farm and use (bomb, god). actual balance for me is working, knowing that LS is specially for destroying chests and kill enemies thralls in it current state.

This is the current issue, that 50% corruption doesnt really give you enough to warrant the stam and health restrictions (although is very cool)
From my limited testing its doing 100 - 500 damage when it hits, with some doing as low as 10 damage.
Trying to stand still and not be killed trying to get to the 4th stones isnt as easy as some people think.
Plus the costs to get it in the 1st place, and the hard corruption…cant help but think it was meant to be more

its doing randomly but aiming especially at placeable around 5k - 10 k per storm launched. 5 LS will destroy all normal chests in the cast area for sure.

Not sure if this is what you meant, but they patched lightning storm earlier so that it does not affect the caster. (I dont know if it still affects your thralls tho). So you cannot die to it yourself anymore.

Ones ive done are nowhere near.
And the chests remain. Not that thats my target

No i mean, litterally trying to cast it while people are activly trying to kill you

Yes. Obviously sorcery doesn’t work in such a situation.

I also LOVE the concept of corrupting myself and having hefty health penalties - as long as there is enough payoff to not make it feel like Im just gimping myself for no good reason.

Its a very cool idea - be a corrupted flimsy sorcerer vs the standard muscle-bound warrior. I am totally in favor of this sort of “choose what kind of character you want to be.”

Im not really familiar of different builds, but I have a feeling agility builds are not that great either. But the concept is nice and I wish devs would continue this narrative and make all different types of builds feel fun, cool and worthwhile.

ps. Im somewhat against that a normal build character can just go souldrain one thrall and BAM youre at max corruption… that feels like a cheap way to get the possible benefits of sorcery without actually sacrificing anything out of your character.

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All down to play style i think, agility builds with someone skilled at their use are very effective.

I dont know how hard it would be to lock the storm casting to those with locked in 50% corruption.

Id also be ok with the zombie storm zombies being a tad harder to kill while we are at it, not saying crazy but more than one hit maybe.

If lightning storm ignores the caster but still hits thralls is a practical problem. Because if I make my zombies stop following, and then make them follow again, the health buff they have from well-trained and their health pools in total are so MASSIVE, that they can take close to 20 minutes to regenerate that amount of hit points back. (I may be exaggerating because I havent actually timed it, but its a frikken eternity)
And all because of a few seconds of making them stop following.

Devs should make it so that health regen is a percentage of the max hitpoint total instead of a fixed hitpoints/second value. But of course this would most likely create regeneration-tanks that are nigh unkillable…

This was meant really for the zombies that are summoned by the call the dead spell, rather than the follower zombies which are tough enough.

Whether LS should hit own followers or caster can be mitigated either way, kind of depends what its intended purpose is, either an undirected summoning of a storm, or a directed electrical attack, im fine either way with those tbh, illl just amend use as appropriate.
Walking in to a fight with a storm over head that does large damage and ignores your own team does feel a bit OP though

I would rather have lightning storm be an anti-structure spell than anti-personnel tbh…

On the other hand the call of the dead seems totally useless also, perhaps that can be buffed into more of an anti-personnel. I used it once against purge and second time against Red Mother, both times I could find no evidence that call of the dead did ANY damage whatsoever. The zombies moved so slow that I think they deteriorated before ever reaching their target. Perhaps this duration also needs to increase A LOT.

And while on topic of useless spells: the imbue soul spell is absurdly weak. It provides less light for like minute or two while a standard torch that costs much less in terms of materials, lasts 20 minutes… I dont know who thought of this or if there is a mistake in there somewhere. If the spell used NO materials, it would probably still be too weak. Devs need to increase its duration tenfold.

Thats how i would see it
Id be fine wih LS only hitting building peices and ignoring work stations thralls etc

And yes would also be fine with call dead being the anti thrall, player one even if they attack you and your own as well.

The light spells should last the duration of a night roughly i would think, similar to night eye potion.

Detect corruption, its not useful to detect invisible characters? Im just curious didnt tried it yet… I’m still building…

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I was just about to say this, can you use Detect Corruption to see invisible characters?

we will have to test it :slight_smile:

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No, because the spell does literally NOTHING. It has no benefit. Probably bugged but at this point I wouldnt be surprised if its intended to be fake. Now its hard to make a bug report about it if we dont know what its supposed to do.

Also, you dont have to, because other players see your “invisible character” the same way you see yourself: “distorted” predator stealth which is obvious as day.

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