Lightning storm raid review

We understand perfectly. We simply disagree with it.

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It’s not balanced if they have more than what is feasible to go through on one night and have years worth of inventory. Because of that alone, attackers need significant advantages over defenders. I used to think in terms of balanced raiding but as I play as a new person on a very established server, I have as much of a chance of cracking open their bases as they have finding my stores. So the pvp experience stagnates and those on top actually just play pve-c and the rest pretend they are doing something…but this is as far from balanced as it gets and the number of players playing show that.

jeeeez we all started on server where there was people playing before us, and that is not a problem

If you run into a group that built smart, it’s a real issue. I’m not kidding…3 hours to go 100 meters because they built smart. There are places that are God and treb proof and so you got to go layer by layer.through the doors gates, and drawbridges…and built correctly where you’ll have to take out foundations at points because you don’t have a spot to drop at the door directly. Then if they log in, repairs are done and you got to start all over again. Yeah that isn’t a fun game IMHO and if this is experience for new players as well, they are out. So yeah I would much rather loose that one vet that logs in one w night to review if they are getting hit or not vs the players that are playing and messing up lots while having fun…see like a no brainer here but fun should trump winning in games.

there is no site that can resist gods, each god is done for a certain purpose attack, and depending of the site to attack only some of them can work. a god even if badly used, will blow all doors.

gas + explosive arrow, allow to dig quickly in any base, now if the defender is online yes he can repair, u can still try to use acid and smoke arrow.

i think you still have to explore a lot of the siege system

You’re basically just making the argument that PvP servers should be periodically wiped, but instead of a real wipe its players using lightening storm.

Truth is, FC doesn’t have the time or resources to build or balance a good raiding system. They haven’t been able to get it right after 5 years, so it’s unlikely they’ll ever get it right.

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I would be fine and happy with that. Even PvE players aren’t this attached to their stuff as I have seen pvp side defend. I really starting to question if I truly understand pvp since it seems that the expectation of loss is only what you tell the rabble and it doesn’t apply to alpha’s.

You can’t convince me that this move benefits smaller clans as much as larger ones. It just isn’t there. The larger clans get far more advantage as one of there threats are completely removed and the others are just grindy to get around while the smaller clans still are open to all other threats.

It’s an exercise in crony capitalism as far as I’m concerned and this is coming from a libertarian.

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I speak as a solo player in PVP. I don’t raid the large clans unless they raid me. And when I do, I make their lives miserable. I’ll find a little bolt hole somewhere in the world, stack it full of benches, do this about 3 times, and then start raid material production. I’ll make a list of targets, convoluted plans to keep them guessing (hit one base while a god coin is crafting, leave, drop a god on a separate location, etc), and just generally be a pest. I don’t keep any of their loot because, as a solo player, I don’t need much. It’s not about having all of their stuff. It’s about taking all of their stuff lol


What kind of player would do that simply for the purpose of destroying things? No, they make enough holes and steal your stuff. There is a huge difference.


Um… no one… no one at all… ignore the post directly above yours… nothing to see here…


I guess you didn’t comprehend mine.

That’s quite possible, I’ll admit. :slight_smile:

Well let’s say like this, explosions are easier to unlock but much more expensive.

Nowhere did I say alphas shouldn’t be raidable but the skill is simply not the right tool I’m sorry.
We defended every raid with it,and we are just 3. it takes only a single person and the spell is completely useless and does nothing…so if 3 people are capable of protecting their base against it.( since it only takes a single person to stop it) what do you think how much easier is it for a 10man alpha to have someone online and in base for all raidwindow?
If the alpha is active, you will simply not raid them with LS. Sorry but that’s how it is, it’s an illusion to believe that skill would harm an active alpha clan lol… or it’s an excuse to have a cheap mechanic to destroy everything pretty much for free that is offline…

The skill does harm clans like mine much more and is nothing else but a burden on my team, it’s annoying to place someone in base 5 hours per day just in case…

They need to find decent ways to raid alpha clans without making the game even worse for smaller clans… godbubble for example should have hp so you can actually break it for example.

well to be honest some people really like to destroy for destroy, i met a lot of them on pvp, but you are right they are not the majority at all, and 80% of people are raiding to get a loot and so steal your stuff :slight_smile:

Twitch streamers gotta get their subs somehow, right?


I thought that when you went after a big clan you pretty much had to base wipe them and drive them off the server.

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If you annoy them enough, they’ll leave on their own

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This is madness LOL. Some people here think that balanced pvp should be where a solo noob can walk on to a server and easily wipe an entire clan that has been there for years in less than 6 hours without any real effort or skill? Maybe you need to try and balance the numbers first. For example 1v10 a balanced pvp would be 10v10 so maybe try recruiting. And from a developers point of view, why would they want one player to win when they can have ten. Thats 1x£20 or 10x£20 (£200).

Also, yes Alpha clans can get attached to their stuff, if they didn’t then no one would logon at pvp time and offlining a base is not pvp.

Anyway it is not as easy as you think for an Alpha clan to protect a server for years and it is difficult for them to know who to trust so some choose not to take any chances and destroy everyone. Like with anything though, you have to earn what you want.

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Ummmm yeah ok… if there isn’t a casual way to win, pvp numbers always be dismal but you can take pride on knowing you staved off to challenges to your server as you sit there playing with yourselves. You earned that right…until the next server trimming at least.


Not getting too involved as I currently don’t play on official PvP aside from having a few low level characters to test stuff with :stuck_out_tongue:
However from what I see this is yet again a case of trying to solve a problem with something that’s not necessarily a solution.
I actually agree with @erjoh that there shouldn’t be “alpha clans” that have technically unraidable bases due to time constraints, especially with the potential freedoms some might end up claiming when enjoying such status on a server…

Now I’ve heard the stories so I’m aware that there might be these lovely fairytale-like servers out there where the alpha clans are so nice and just that they try to help run the server and never offline-raid people and they are an asset to the server… however I also know that a lot of times they tend to be total jerks who pretty much get a kick off of causing other people misery and trying to exert control over them :slight_smile: So when a game allows for such wide variance in behavior, I don’t think the system should be supporting this to the point where said clans may become “unremovable”.

But… I don’t necessarily agree that Lightning Storm should be the “messiah” to bring this change… It’s just a spell and now with the nerf it also gained a buff… it targets enemies only… so maybe it’ll become more “fun” to use rather than be a dreaded thing…

As for the “problem” at hand though… I really think it’s yet another reason in the huge pile of reasons we already have to simply disable offline raiding… and ditch the raid windows… Then if a clan is online… you can raid them for 12 hours straight if you want and have the energy… heck, maybe even ask for a slight rework of bombs to go with it, to be able to cause more damage with a longer fuse when uninterrupted, but maybe let enemies disarm them or something idk.

Anyway, just rambling here, don’t mind me :smiley: