If we are going to have lightning, then we need offline raid protection and better defenses

So I’m playing on one of the more populated servers and after this weekend I’m seeing the damage that lightning is doing. It is crazy. My base was one of the few that seemed to have survived. I even took part in a raid where we used lightning and while it was cool, after only 3 or 4 storms we wiped a massive T3 base. That seems a bit excessive. As a result, I think folks are already quitting the game.

With the crazy amount of damage that it does, assuming it doesn’t get nerfed, we need better defenses and please finally implement the offline raid protection, so we at least have a chance to defend.


I think we already have the tools to figure out “better defenses” but I’m all for the off-line raid protection. But if they set that (in the server settings) then I also think raids should be 24hrs.


Oh boy here we go again…

In that case we need 2 types of PVP servers
1 - PVP Lawless - just like rust no rules and timers, free for all
2 - PVP Lawfull - you can attack any1 any time, but you can raid only bases currently online, quitting wont help, raid receive 1 hour window after logging out, so defend your base, or loose.

In 1st case we got deathmatch type of server for hardcore fun (no safe heaven)
In 2nd - more fair play, when people get chances to defend themselves from offline raiding.

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Honestly, if you consider yourself a casual PVPer, you may want to switch to PVE-C. There are hard core maniacs that will do whatever it takes to raid you, destroy you, loot your flower garden, kill your favorite sexy dancer, etc.

Jumping on a PVP server and then crying "no fair! " when you get offline raided makes no sense whatsoever.

To the OPs point, apparently from the videos I have watched, lightning is ridiculous OP, and needs a nerf. I watched @Sir.Henry.Vale s Video and that base was heavily fortified, but the lightning tore right thru it.

Doesn’t appear sorcery was very well thought out in regards to raiding.

When funcom introduced climbing into the game they added crenulated fences to stop climbing and made regular fences also stop climbing. Trebs, Explosive Arrows and Poison Arrows were added to counter Crenulated fences.

Funcom has introduced the Ice Bridge which bypasses the anti-climb mechanics.
Funcom has introduced being able to fly with a bat which also bypasses anti-climb Mechanics.
Funcom has introduced Slow Fall which when combined with double jump also bypasses the anti climb mechanics. Combine Slow fall with building a jump tower and just slow falling onto someones base.

Currently the only counter to someone landing on top of your base is to have a bunch of 3-5k Hp thralls on top. That might stop 1-3 players for a period of time but it wont stop 4-10 players at all. While also having to relying on janky AI as base defence feels pretty bad.

Then we have the lightning storm. Able to damage through game structures and building pieces to hit directly into your base and destroy your benches and chests without a player even seeing the inside of your base.

The counter to the lightning storm is to basically sit in your base for the entirety of raid time ready to cast the darkness spell. Which sure theres a counter but the lightning storm promotes terrible gameplay and promotes people to just sit inside their base ALL raid time. Why leave your base to go PvP when at any given time you could return to your base to find all your benches and chests have been despawned but not a single door was touched.

I’m aware that according to @den the lightning storm shouldn’t be doing as much damage as it currently is. Seems that is true. Some hits do 2-3k dmg and others are one shotting vaults. All hits should be doing a fraction of an explosive jars dmg which makes sense for the 2-3k dmg hits.

Something needs to be done fast about the other hits that are capable of doing 140k+ dmg. There also needs to be a far better counter added to the game for people just landing on top of bases.


I wish I have/had a video. LOL I think confused me with someone else. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Sorcery is over powered in raiding mechanics which is not a good thing.

It’s not. LS might be occasionally doing something unintended but sorcery overall is definitely NOT over powered.

I like the sorcery idea overall. I actually wish they had more PVP specific sorcery though (besides raising undead/demons).

Only thing with sorcery that I see game breaking at the moment is the LS. Needs to be nerfed and/or reasonable counters to it (besides becoming a sorcerer yourself and casting darkness).

I’ve tried PVE-C and it is boring as all get out. I like defending against raids, PVP, etc. The key though is being able to defend… Tired of logging in to find myself naked in the desert when I take a night off lol.

Funny enough after all this LS drama started, when I’ve mentioned to people in the server that Funcom had developed an offline protection mechanic, pretty much everyone on the (quite busy) PVP server were a) surprised to learn that and b) really want it implemented.


Exactly what I’ve been saying. All and all promoting bad gameplay on pvp severs. I honestly think anything that has to use the staff needs to be disabled on pvp servers. For everything you said and when someone pulls it out it will crash the game for anyone around them.(not every time but the majority) also for the love of god turn on dbd


Me too! like:

  • Weaken Enemies: -50 HP or Armor on area for 20 seconds
  • Fortify Clan: +75 health or armor buff - 15 seconds
  • Confuse Attackers: once every 10 or 15 seconds their camera spins uncontrollably 540 degrees in 0.8 seconds - occurs three times.
  • Flames of Protection: Clan members get a ring of fire in a 1m radius around them that does fire damage to any enemy it touches - player parented.
  • Ice sheet: Lay down a 6x8 block sized spell area that freezes the ground for 30 seconds making players slip and slide + cold effects if they can’t or don’t get off of it.
  • Pestilence: Make all enemies in an area barf 3 times for 2 seconds each time - once every 10 seconds.
  • Fear: Cause all enemies in the area to slow by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Necro-protect: Negate all sorcery affects either by area or for clan - 15 seconds.
  • Magic Leech: Weaken other sorcerers in the area causing their spell-stones and their animations to slow by 25% while speeding them up for the caster.

and so on, etc.

No, because you can glitch offline raid protection with 2 accounts.

  • Player 1 build the base, and is never online during raid time or when there is others players on the server.
  • Player 2 is always online and send loot to player 1.
  • Unraidable base.

Nerfing raiding is not the way, adding better defenses is.

Raiding must be all the time, but you must be able to set up passives defenses to protect you.

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Can’t send loot to player 1 if he’s not on-line. Impossible scenario!
Plus, the number of people who would do that is probably around 2 or 3%.

Sorry, it may not be perfect but the PvP game needs off-line protection and 24hr raidable.


Player 2 can send loot to player 1 in many ways … :slight_smile:

  • hiddens chests somewhere
  • sleeping in a secret area, then can be looted with the other player

I have already use 2 accounts to bypass the event log, it is the same.

  • Player 1 has a base and craft bombs, but he is peacefull and help others players.
  • Player 2 take the bombs and raid everything, then send loot to player 1.

Everyone is looking for Player 2 base, but he has no base :slight_smile:

Why? Because players names in event log is wrong and must be removed, then solo players can have a chance.

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Even wak made a video of how unbalanced lighting is and he doesn’t even play pvp.


The real problem here isn’t the spell itself, it’s that it supposedly is acting unintended from what the developers designed. With how much damage the spell is causing across the PVP servers the logical thing would be to drop a hotfix disabling the spell. Does Funcom do that? NOPE. Was Funcom aware of this issue before the patch went live? YES.

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I didn’t realize it was a “bug” – if so, then to your point why are they not fixing or disabling it ASAP? Crazy

Is anything introduced over yhe last 2 years?

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We are all wondering the same thing… unfortunately. The best we’ve heard so far from the lead dev is that ‘they’re looking into it’. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

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I think the point from Tele Tesselator that you may be missing is that with the offline protection, raid time would be 24 hours i.e. as soon as player 1 logs in to get loot, he would be open to be raided. I think that is how they designed it? Let me know if I’m wrong (been awhile since I looked into it).

I guess player 1 could log in at like 3am when no one is around but still that would be the rarity.

All I can say is that with most players I’ve talked to, they like the idea of offline raid protection — waking up naked in the desert happens too many times.