Raid protection system and abuse


I want to share something with you and why the protection system is a bad thing overall.

We have a base, and some part of it are outdoor (like wheels, because i think it was meant to be outside right ).

Now we have this guy who built a little cabin 50 meters away from us, and everything he do is raiding our wheels, altars, fish trap, stealing foods from us)

We can’t do anything because it’s not “raiding time”. so our wheels are officially froze cause of this guy.

We can’t break his little T1 house, and we can’t obvisouly defend our stuff at all time.

So what are we suposed to do ?

Bring back 24H/24H raiding, it’s pvp after all.

Or… hear this out… don’t put things out in the open where people can access and steal it? This dude is in a T1 shack? Make a bomb, wait till raid time and crack it open.

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you missed the point. I know i can build everything indoor, even T3 wheels, but is it the way the game should be play? everything in a big 40 X 40 square of 3 layers of T3 fundations ?

On pve? No. Make things pretty. Role play servers? How things are intended. PvP servers? Protect your things like it’s your newborn baby.


Set up guards or blow him to bits, make fences or spiked walls.

guards don’t attack players outside raiding hours. not normal if you ask me

Get on during raiding hours and blow his stuff up and then build there… there are gates, spiked fences… 24h raiding sucks.

Please can you explain me the pvp sistem and how to see the times ?

PvP is just that…anything goes. Kill players raid bases etc.

Raid times are listed on the right hand side of your screen under server information when you click on a server from the list. They should state week day raid time start and end and weekend raid times as well. Private servers may not show those not 100% sure as I don’t play on them.

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