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Been trying to fix this thing for weeks in my spare time where the Barkeeper is rescuable, placeable, and functions as a follower. My issues is the Barkeeper is completely silent at all times with no way to interact with her menu that should be available when placed behind the bar. I thought this a mod conflict but after a clean reinstall of all files from mods to game files and disabling everything possible multiple times/ways I am at the end of my rope. I have no idea what could possibly be causing this as I just tried on both Siptah and Exiled with both admin spawns and camp rescues after my third hard reinstall with no mods whatsoever on this machine.

Any help or advice would be appreciated as I lost the past 3 months of work on my single player server trying to fix this after exhausting every other source of information that I could find with similar issues.

Thanks in advance,

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@GuyWhoDoesntKnow Welcome to the Forum. I don’t know this from experience but read that a spawned in bartender does not function properly :thinking: Set up a purge and get one. On my private Playstation server we have rescued several functional bartenders.

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Single player seems to “forget” knowledge and disable your possibility to gain it back on a character. Especially on siptah Playstation this issue persists.
Yet, allow me to make a silly question my fellow exile. Did you consume a knowledge potion and have the barkeep not unlocked by accident ?
I am not sure if this affects the barkeeper interaction, since i never try to erase my feat points since literally years now no matter the new characters i created. But if this is the case, maybe you’ll be able to have a conversation after all.
Excuse my poor effort for help here.

Thank you both.
After more digging I found the problem was loose corrupted mod data in my roaming folder that had escaped my previous purges. Not sure how it got there in the first place but works right as rain now.

Thank you and have a great day.

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No please don’t close this unless @Community takes it as feedback!
This is absolutely true how the new purge system is the “absolute reason” we loose knowledge in the game that it’s irreversible for the character. For example we loose all the sorcery knowledge and we cannot restore it. It happened to me to entirely loose a character progression and the game spawn me in the character creation the next day. However playing on console i couldn’t prove that purges was the reason. So thanks a million for this feedback it’s really precious and that’s exactly the reason i took the liberty to tag @Community in this post. Please pass this feedback to the dev team it happens and it’s true!

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