Tavern bar interact

hello, im having some problem with tavern bar forniture, i cant interact with it and put a barkeeper, any help?

Have you set the bar keep in world first?


i already have a tavern in other side of map, i only can have 1?

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If it is a new bartender they need to be placed in world then the bar. If that isn’t the issue, i don’t know what the cause might be.

You can have as many bars as you like, I think. I mean with in reason.

On PS5 we have several bartenders they do require talking to before pl

You don’t interact with the bar, it’s not a working station.
You just place the bar wherever you wish to have it, then you take your barkeeper and place him like any other guarding thrall behind the bar where he-she belongs. The game is helping you by giving you green ghost options where to put your barkeeper. It even allow you to place them on bar stools. But in order to work as a barkeeper and not as a drunk waste, it’s best to guard behind (in) the bar :wink:.


Get your Barkeeper. Place your barkeeper near to the tavern. Pick it up, like you would move a standard Thrall, and drag over to the tavern bar. You will see the Green Placement icon. Drop it there and you are done.

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